chapter 10

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Selena p.o.v

"Yes Charlie i will go on a date with you"Charlie jumped up and  hugged me i hugged back we sat on the couch the boys decided on watching Paranormal Activity 4

"Don't worry sel I'm here to protect you"Charlie said i put my head on  Charlie's shoulder then zac press play an the movie  begin i was feeling tried and and decided to put my head on Charlie's lap he played with my hair and kissed my forehead we were holding hands and cuddling demi was on zac lap

*someone grads the grad the girl in the movie and kills her*

I jumped and Charlie kiss my temple

"Selly bear relax it's just a movie"Charlie said I cuddled  my head back into his lap after a while the movie finished zac and demi were outside talking

"Well i was think we can go out on our date to tomorrow night"i nodded Charlie kissed my cheek and left i went upstairs to my room

Justin p.o.v
I checked my phone 2:00 am i was that selena house i walked around selena house to the backyard i open the door i walk to selena's room i open the door she was a sleep i got on top of selena and kissed her she kiss back and moan

Selena p.o.v

i was a sleep when i felt charlie kiss me i was surprise but i really like the kiss he pulled away and charlie kissed my neck wow i never thought charlie would do this but i want to see how far he will go i blush  remembering early when he asked me to come over  later tonight


"hey is it okay if i come over later tonight to cuddle maybe if zac doesn't make stay that  his house and play games"charlie said i giggled then smiled and blushed 

"sure just text before you come over i will leave the back door unlocked for you"he nodded, hugged me then kissed me on the cheek the left

~flashback over ~

charlie bite my jaw i moan i pushed him  on the bed leaving no space between us he graded  my waist hard then he brought me closer  to his face but i couldn't his face because its to dark he grinded on me and kissed me

In the morning 

i woke up my legs were all sore then i remember what me and charlie did last night oh my god it  felt so good the way he would grad my hips when  he was about to cum i got up and took a shower and went down stairs started make breakfast for me and charlie i was cooking breakfast when i felt arms wrap around my waist i smiled then he kissed me on my shoulder 

"last night was great baby"i froze i didn't have sex with charlie i had sex with in Justin

" FUCK YOU justin of course you sneak into my house i thought you were charlie fuck"justin didn't seem to care 

"i don't care it's okay lets go to school" i pushed justin away

*knock knock 

i walked to the door and open it charlie was there i hugged him 

"wow hey what wrong princess "charlie whispered 

"justin here and he made think he was you and we had "i stopped and blushed charlie hugged me closer knowing what i meant

Justin p.o.v

i was waiting for selena to come  back she was taking for forever  why is she taking so long i walked out of the kitchen towards the front door when stop dead in my tracks when i saw selena kissing a guy while he was holding her in the air

"what in the hell"


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