~First Day

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f/n=first name
l/n=last name

"Papa, where are we going?" A young girl around six years old, rubbed her eyes sleepily, clutching onto her teddy bear. Her father looked through the rear view mirror before pointing his gaze toward the road.

"You're going to stay somewhere for awhile sweetie. You'll learn once you become older." He answered.

The car drove to a stop, clouds thundering across the afternoon sky. The little girl was hoisted up into a strangers arms, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"You're not going to be with me?" She gave her best puppy eyes, sniffling quietly through her nose.

"No sweetie. We'll just be far apart, but that doesn't mean I won't visit you." He replied with a glint of hope. He stroked her tears away with his sleeve, kissing her lightly on the forehead. Tears streamed like a waterfall, the child wailing about in the stranger's arms, struggling to be free. Her father quickly drove away from the Citadel, speeding back towards his home. He pounded his hands against the steering wheel, breathing harshly through barred teeth.

"Forgive me..."


An annoying beeping awakened you from your slumber, beckoning you to prepare for a busy day ahead of you. You stretched your arms, hitting the wooden headboard on your bed. You mouthed a silent ow in reaction, rubbing the pained spot. Your feet hit the cold, tiled floor as you stripped away your pajamas, grabbing the black and white maid outfit in your closet.

A black ribbon hung from your mouth as you tied your h/c hair into a ponytail. You wrapped the ribbon around your ponytail into a bow, examining your attire. You patted the skirt down, trying to straighten out the wrinkles. Strands of hair hung on the sides of your face, a black choker with a metal skull around your neck. You tied the strings on your laced boots before jumping to your feet.

You opened the door, walking towards the attendance room. Passing maids silently nodded their heads in greeting, heading to their designated areas. You took a deep breath, heading through the door. Lines of maids and servants were lined up against either side of you, wearing calm expressions and stood with straight postures.

You dragged your boots across the floor as you walked to the back of the line. You felt the all familiar glare of the ignorant maid, Natalie. She always was the one constantly bossing other maids around to finish her jobs, threatening to spread bad rumors to influence the attendants to fire you. You've grown many allies over a few years, helping other maids complete Natalie's assignment. Ignoring the poisonous death stare being sent, you stood calmly as you heard the steady clacking of leather shoes.

"Good, everyone is present today." The man commented with a click of his ballpoint pen.

"I advise all of you to be on a the best behavior. A special guest is coming today." Quiet murmurs echoed through the room. The attendant clicked his pen rapidly, silencing the whispering.

"Prince Noctis shall be returning from his journey. Please make his stay here as pleasurable as possible." He states, exiting the room.

"Hmph, remember to make me look perfect for the prince or else~" Natalie stated for all ears, making you roll your eyes.

"Would you like to say something f-n?" Natalie questioned, tilting her head with narrowed eyes.

"No, I was wondering when you'd stop talking. We all do need time to prepare for the prince's arrival." You replied, placing your hands on your hips.

"Isn't someone challenging today?" She says, stepping closer to you.

"f-n, come to my office. We need to discuss an important manner." Your attendant gestured with a hand for you to follow. Natalie waved a hand with a fake frown, believing you were in deep trouble. Supposedly, you could say it was the complete opposite.

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