//chapter six//

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Astrid's P.O.V

I shivered as the cool, night air washes over me, my useless ballet flats I was wearing proving no barrier to the cold, leaf strewn ground. Carter walked beside me, still as tense and alert as he had been since the guy had shown up.
I guess that brings me to the guy, well actually he wasn't a guy in a human sense. James said he was a elf, and as we walk through the woods, I can see some more facial details whenever we walk through a patch of faint moonlight. His ears were long and pointy along the side of his head, and his eyes were slightly slanted.
But what stood out the most was the scars on the back of his neck, they lined up in a way similar to tally marks, making me wonder why they're there.
As for his height, he wasn't much taller than me, but had a tall, proud, strong authoritative air to him.

James walked along the man, whose name was apparently Kitas, murmuring softly about God knows what as if they were best buddies. As we continue to walk through the dark, silent woods, my mind turns back to thoughts of my family. So much has happened in the last week, it feels as if it was a lifetime ago that I was laughing with Thao so freely. I wanted nothing more to return to them, my heart aches at the thought. Everything that's happened since then is overwhelming, I feel like I'm in a dream, trapped in these dark woods with two guys who claim there's such things as shape shifters and werewolves and an elf. Oh god, please let my family be looking for me, please let me go home.
Carter nudges me and leans in, "you alright?"
Surprised by his genuinely nice tone, I wipe away the tears I hadn't realized were falling and shake my head, "okay? How the hell can I be okay, my whole life has been thrown upside down. I mean first I'm kiddnapped, then for some strange reason, everyone seems to know and hate my dad," I take a deep breath, "now your trying to tell me that all these impossible creatures like shape shifters and werewolves exist, I mean I'm following an elf through the woods for gods sake, so no, I'm not okay."
Carter pauses, "fair enough, I know that when I first found out about all this, then again I kinda went off the rails."
I stay silent for a moment, letting this sink in, "so you weren't born into all this?"
"Well I was, you were too, your father just hid you from it, but yeah I was uh removed from it all when I was two."
"Let's save that boring story for another time, I think I heard something."
I blink in surprise at his tone, but before I can ask him what he meant, he breaks away from the group.
"I'm just going to have a quick check around," he tells James.
Then he jogs away, and in mid stride shifts into a wolf. I blink again, well that ain't something I'm going to get used to.

Time seems to fade out of existence as we walk along, well they walked, I trudged. Everything hurt as I force my self to keep going, the sky begins to lighten and yet we keep going, Carter comes and goes.
My shoes are still soaked from when we had to cross a stream, they keep slipping off and the roughage on the forest floor still hurt my feet, piercing through the thin fabric. Sighing in defeat I pull them off, and carry the pathetic, worn and ruined flats.
Now my feet were exposed to the cool, damp ground, which distracted me from the pain of my tired muscles.
James and Kitas are silent now, everyone's exhausted, hungry and cold.
I miss the sun more than anything right now, after all those days lock in that windowless room, then fleeing in the night, it felt like it had been an eternity since I'd last seen it. As I look up, all I see are horrible, grey clouds.

The silence was another thing, it lay heavy over the woods, it suffocated us as we walked along. Yet we kept going.
I wrap my arms around my stomach as it growls again, it felt like it was eating itself. I let my shoes fall out of my hands, to tired and numb to bother carrying them anymore.
Finally James breaks the heavy silence.
"Look, there's a cave ahead, how about we set up camp, I don't know about you but I could do with some food and rest."
Thank god.
We all agree, even Carter was eager to stop for a bit.

After James sets up the campfire, he sets out to find food with Kitas, leaving me and Carter by the fire.
I groan and slump back, eyelids heavy as the warmth of the fire washes over me. My feet ached, covered in various cut and bruises from the surprisingly rough forest floor. Carter sits near the fire, leaning against the wall and staring broodingly into the flames.

I want to ask more about how he first learnt about this Shadow Society but I don't, instead I let my muscles relax and drift off into sleep on the hard ground.



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