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Draco and Hermione appeared in the alley way beside their London flat. They grabbed the keys and got into the car. Hermione was driving this timea round since she knew exactly where her doctor was. They arrived right on time and headed in so Hermione could sign in. The moment they took their seats the doctor called her name.

"What is this place for?" Draco asked.

"It's a gynocologist, its for female stuff." Hermione blushed as she got up on the stretcher.

"What's a gynocologist for?"

Apparently muggles did medical procedures that the wizarding world did not. Draco was shocked when Hermione was asked to undress from the waist down and put on a smock. His eyes widened even more as she placed her feet in the stirrups and the woman doctor looked between her legs.

"This is very odd." The doctor spoke after several minutes.

"What is?" Hermione spoke. "I'm okay right?" she said her voice raising a few octaves.

"I am sure you will be perfectly fine but I will need a urine sample from you."

Without another word Hermione ran to the restroom returning 2 mintues later. Sitting back in her spot she crossed her ankles and wrung her hands from nerves.

"What's wrong?" Hermione asked again.

The doctor did a quick urine test before she turned around smiling.

"Congradulations Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy you are pregnant."

Hermione's eyes widened and Draco nearly fell out of the chair.

"Impossible, I was told I can't have kids." Hermione explained.

"Well you are certainly pregnant"

Hermione's eyes began watering as she got down and hugged Draco. "We are gonna have a baby."

A nurse came in with a small machine and they began checking the baby using an Ultrasound. "When was the last time you took a pregnancy test or was tested by the doctors?"

"3 months ago why?"

"Because you are at the ending of your 1st trimester, I am guessing almost 4 months."

Hermione smiled as she looked to Draco.

"Wait, but I haven't had any symptoms." She then thought about this morning. "The only time I ever threw up was this morning."

"Some women never have any symptoms during their pregnancy and you happen to be one of the lucky ones."

The doctor moved the probe around her stomach and took a picture.

"Do you want to know the sex of they baby?"

Hermione looked to Draco who nodded his head.

"Yes please?"

The doctor looked a bit closer and then smiled.

"It's a girl"

Hermione's eyes began watering again. "A baby girl, that is wonderful."

The doctor wiped Hermione's stomach clean and had her get dressed while she retrieved the Ultrasound pictures. After the doctor returned they were free to go. Hermione and Draco scheduled another appointment and then the two headed out to go and spread the good news.

"We need to start thinking about baby names." Draco smiled.

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