"A Night in the Park"

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Andrea's POV

I laughed as I chased Gabbie around the park, snow falling softly from the beautifully lit night sky.
Her hair was sprinkled with snowflakes, and the snow brought out the beautiful brown color in her eyes.
Gabbie picked up a clump of snow and threw it at my face, then exploded into a fit of laughter.
I teasingly punched her in the arm, then made a mad dash to the playground.
Since it was about 12 AM, no one else was at the park. Just us.
We collapsed onto the playground, our legs tired from all the running.
"We should go ice skating," I suggested, as Gabbie took out her phone and started up Pokemon Go.
"Or we can be like normal teenagers and play Pokémon Go," she said, smiling. I couldn't say no to her beautiful face.
We got up and started to make our way around the park, in desperate search for Pokémon.
After I found 5 and Gabbie found 7, we gave up and walked to the ice skating rink.
I couldn't ice skate for shit, but I was too embarrassed to say that because Gabbie basically was an expert at it.
So I rented some skates and hoped for the best.

Gabbie's POV

Watching Andrea attempt at skating but failing was quite entertaining. But helping her was even better.
It gave me an excuse to wrap my hands around her waist or hold on tightly to her hand.
"I'm sorry I suck at this," she said, giggling.
"Trust me, it's no problem at all," I replied, blushing despite the freezing cold air.
She started to skate across the rink and made an attempt to do an axel spin but I stopped her before she fell, resulting to me landing on top of her.
Our noses were practically touching.
My glasses started to fog up and I could barely make out the beautiful face in front of me, unfortunately.
"Sorry bro." I breathed, and I could feel her heart racing against my chest.
I couldn't stand it anymore.
I grabbed her face with my gloved hands and put my lips to hers, starting off gently then opening my mouth slightly. We kissed for a good four minutes before one of the parents complained about PDA.
I was on air. I didn't care that we got in trouble. It felt fucking amazing.

Andrea's POV

When Gabbie kissed me, I felt something so intense in the pit of my chest.
I was completely infatuated with her. In fact, I was in love with her.
I had never fancied anyone as much as I fancied her.
"That was amazing," I said, as her fingers intertwined with mine.

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