14 ; Chapter Fourteen

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song of the chapter is don't let me down by the chainsmokers

How do you solve a problem like Rosa Meyers. I've always wondered what everyone saw in you. Why are you so popular? It must be your flexibility because it sure as hell isn't your brains.

You're probably wondering why I even bothered to write a letter for you. But see, I know things Rosa. A lot of very scandalous things. I guess I want to apologise for starting that rumour that your had Chlamydia. Oh and the one about how you stayed on holiday for two weeks extra last summer cause you caught a rather nasty infection down below when you got frisky in the sea.

I am admitting to you that I lied about it but in truth I'm not really one hundred percent sorry I did it. I mean it was only a couple of rumours. I don't know why you got so angry about it but I forgive you for being a bitch.

You're not as stupid as you look though Rosa, and we both know you've been waiting years to take me down. Guess you finally grew the lady balls to do it.

Adios you dumb bitch,


Freddie and I sat in silence after reading the letter. Something felt wrong about the tone. The last letters had been either vindictive or almost poetic in a sad sort of way. This was more like the Pandora I knew. Witty and truthful in her tone - just because she told lies doesn't mean her ability to sound like she was reading from the bible was altered.

     "This is so weird," Freddie muttered as he read over the letter again. He looked up at me and his lips were turned down in a look of distaste. He wrinkled his nose as he put the letter back in the envelope.

    "This is the only letter I've read that doesn't make me feel like I'm reading about a murderer," I replied.

    "What if the person who got into your  house that time swapped a letter. I mean this sounds like Pandora but if you read it again I can hear hints of Rosa," Freddie said.

     "Rosa isn't smart enough to get into my house," I insisted as I went to my desk and looked at the page Freddie had made for her.

    "How do you know?" Freddie asked and I remained silent, "See, you don't know."

     "Look, Rosa didn't like Pandora but I doubt it was enough to want her dead!" I exclaimed as I tapped my fingers on Jack's page again. "Jealous ex-boyfriend is my bet."

     "I don't know about you, but I for one want to speak to Rosa," Freddie stated as he started to gather up his things.

    "What?" I asked, "now?" 

Freddie glanced up and nodded, "no time like the present."

     "You do know you're not actually a cop, right?" I stated dryly as I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

This seemed to irk Freddie, "Well I don't see you having any bloody bright ideas."

I didn't want to huff but I could feel a scowl appearing on my face, "Fine. But I'm coming with you."

     "Fine," he snapped back before heading towards the stairs.

I heard a door slam downstairs and both Freddie and I stopped moving as we listened. I could feel my heart rate spiking, automatically my thoughts turning irrational about what could have caused it. There was no way anyone was in my house, especially not with Freddie's car being parked in the driveway.

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