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For the past five days Tsunade had kept AMBU on Naruto. Sasuke was keeping an eye on him as well. They had been sent on a mission to get some medical supplies. "Is this it?" Naruto asked looking at the strange plant.

"For the last time that's not- oh wait you're actually right this time, good job Naruto" Sakura said patting his back. It seems the others hadn't noticed not even Kakashi noticed and if he did he sure as hell didn't show it.

After a whole 5 hours of picking plants they finally stopped to eat. "How about a song, Naruto?" Kakashi said. "Yeah, after a long day a song would be nice" Sakura agreed. "I'm fine" Naruto said as he ate the onigiri (that's how you say it, right?).

"I said play!" Sakura growled. "No thanks, I'm not in the mood" Naruto said as if avoiding something. "Na...ru
..to!! Play a damn song!" Sakura yelled making a fist. "If you wanna damn song sing it yourself" Naruto said taking everyone by surprise. Naruto never talked back to Sakura.

"Sakura if he doesn't wanna play you shouldn't force him" Kakashi said trying to calm her down. "Tch" she snickered and sat down, Naruto let out a sigh. Sasuke looked at him from the corner of his eye 'Why wouldn't he want to sing? Is he hiding something?'

The rest of the day was quiet and pretty much uneventful. Although something caught Sasuke's attention, Naruto woke up in the middle of the night and left the tent. He followed him silently concealing his chakra as best he could.

Naruto walked aimlessly into the woods. He stopped and fell to his knees and started clawing at his shirt, he let out screams. Sasuke wanted to go out and helped him but when he was about to step out he froze.

Naruto turned still clawing and screaming. But what caught Sasuke's attention was his eyes. They were flashing in between black and red to their original blue color. "Get out of my body" he growled although the voice sounded like Naruto's old self.

"Never, I'll make them pay! They'll all pay" he yelled leaking out something black. His eyes kept going from color to color they went so fast that Naruto fainted. 'Naruto.... He's still in there fighting. I have to help him- but who won?'

Sasuke watched heart racing as he saw Naruto stand up. He smiled and looked up his eyes still the same bloody red "Good boy" he smiled creepily and got up. Sasuke let out a small sigh as he saw Naruto walk back to camp.

"I have to get back first" Sasuke said and ran off as quietly as possible but didn't make it. "What were you doing up?" Naruto asked from behind Sasuke as he was about to go inside the tent. "Don't sneak up on me like that! I did the same thing you did, I went to the bathroom. That is what you did isn't it" Sasuke said calmly.

"Yeah, that's what I did" he gave Sasuke a smile that made Sasuke's skin crawl. "Come on get in i'm tired" Naruto said, Sasuke didn't want to get in the tent but forced him self. He and Naruto always shared a tent while Sakura had her own tent and Kakashi slept outside usually on guard duty. On rare occasions they would all sleep together.

Being alone with Naruto creeped the hell out of him. He was already aware of the AMBU which Naruto didn't seem to notice or just didn't care. He hoped Tsunade had come up with a plan to save Naruto. He looked over at Naruto who had already fallen asleep. 'I wish I had noticed sooner' Sasuke looked down and then closed his eyes although he still kept his guard up.


"Are you sure?" Tsunade asked the AMBU nodded. "So he wasn't consumed he was taken control of" Tsunade looked down. "Keep tailing him and make sure he doesn't notice you" the brown haired male nodded and left.

"This is bad, if Naruto is still in there somewhere then what's gonna happen to him" Shizune asked holding Tonton tightly. "I don't known, what I do know is that we should prepare for the worst case scenario." Tsunade got up and left her office.

She headed into the lab almost smashing the door. "Did you find any new possibility?" she asked, the medical nin could see the desperation in her eyes. The all looked away "I'm sorry Lady Hokage, but there is no scenario that shows Naruto alive" those words were like daggers to Tsunade.


-In Naruto's mind scape-

"What am I gonna do Kurama?" the blue eyed Naruto asked the big orange fox. "I don't know kid, you have to keep fighting once you give in it's over" Kurama said his eyes lowered. "But what's the point, it's not like I can win. I've tried more than 78 times!" Naruto yelled he pulled his knees to his chest.

"What is with you?! What happened to wanting to become Hokage and showing everyone you are worth it, that you aren't just a mistake. What happened to never going back on your word?! Don't give me this 'I can't do it' nonsense. You are Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki, son of two heroes. The boy who proved everyone wrong and became a great shinobi" Kurama yelled at him.

"Kurama...." Naruto stared at him wide eyed then nodded and got up. He grinned "Like they say the copy has nothing on the original" Naruto said holding out a fist. Kurama smirked and did the same "Now there's the stubborn brat I know"

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