November 14, 2013 - Story Stats and a Widget

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Hey Wattpadders, we’ve got two new features that have been released. These tools will help you both promote and analyze the stories you are writing.  

 The Wattpad Widget

For those who may be wondering, a widget is a small application that can be installed or added to a website. The Wattpad Widget grabs information from your story and allows you to easily display it on your blog, tumblr account, or personal web page. The end result will be a nicely formatted cover and description of your story that also displays your comments, votes, and reads. Visitors to your webpage can learn more about your story and then click through to read the whole thing!

We know how much time goes into every story on Wattpad. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share and promote those stories to the world. For full details and information on how to use the widget, click the "External Link" button on the right, or visit

 Story Stats

Now that you’re raking in the story reads, wouldn’t it be nice to know more about your audience?  That’s where Story Statistics come in. To access this new feature, visit your “My Works” folder and click the “stats(beta)” button on the left side of the story options. This will open up a custom graph that charts your reads, votes, and comments. You can also click on each to remove them from the chart and isolate which statistic you would like to see.

The “beta” text you see in small writing means that this feature is still new and we may add things to it in the future. To give us feedback on Story Stats, the Wattpad Widget, or  any other aspect of our site, please visit

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