Chapter Five: Adira

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I made it back to my room safely, and without my father seeing me. I quickly changed into a "lady-like" dress and took my hair down from the high pony-tail it was in.

I was in the middle of bushing my long red hair, when I heard a knock at the door of my room.

"My Lady?" My maid, Marissa, called through the door distantly.

"One minute!" I called desperately, yanking through a nasty tangle.

"Are you hurt?" now her voice sounded concerned.

"No! I'm fine!" I forced myself to relax and take my time in getting the tangle out. Surprisingly, it went much faster.

When it was completely out, I went over to the door and opened it for Marissa.

"Hello," I smiled, "how was your time in town?"

"It was wonderful," She swooned, "A young soldier brought his horse up to mine just to say how beautiful I was!"

"That was very nice," I commented, and going back to my dresser, grabbed two pins to try and pin my fiery hair back. I failed several times before Marissa came over and helped me put them in.

I smiled, "Thank you." Despite how much I claimed maids were completely useless, they did have their perks.   

"Oh, my pleasure." She bustled about, now cleaning my messy room, "But you should have seen him! He had the most handsome black hair even with one strip of darkish blue!" She gushed.

Wait a minute.

"What was his name?" I asked, just to be certain, although I was pretty sure there was only one soldier out there with blue and black hair.

"It was Theo!" She continued gushing, "isn't that the most handsome name?"

"Hmm," now I was too upset to humor her.

"He even kissed my hand, you know!"

"Okay," I mumbled.

"his eyes were also extremely handsome! They were a beautiful green, and--"

"Marissa?" I interrupted her quietly, not trying to be rude, but just wanting her to stop talking, "I'm actually pretty tired. "

She nodded, still beaming, "Of course, ma'am. Just ring the bell if you need anything!"

I nodded and forced a smile, "Okay."

She left and I plopped down on my bed, feeling both upset and sad.

What on earth was he doing?    

Adira - Evara

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