edited-chapter 5

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            *HIMAWARI P.O.V*

As i was hiding behind onii-san i heard kakishi ask if we can see the hokage right away and  kakashi-sensai said we have to wait a few days he gave us a place to stay .

As we walk to the hotel kakashi-sensai  asked " so How do all of you know eachother? "so we had to make up a lie.

"we were all in the same orphanage but before that i was abused by my father. but then he took me to a orphanage and left me there."kakishi said (LIED).

" me and my sister himawari are real siblings my mother and father  loved us it just that they disappered..."onii-san started " and they left us so we went to the orphange and my our new brothers and sisters "i had finished.

"my father died when i was 4 and my mom got depressed so she passed from working too hard ." tenji Said matsuki , kimaki , sarada , inojin , chou chou, shikadai , mirai and the others told their stories of how they came to the orphanage.As they finished up we arrived at the hotel they gave us. then we said our goodbyes and they left.

"IT IS SOOO UNYOUTHFUL TO LIEEE😭😭😭!!!"metal lee cried (no SERIOUSLY HE WAS CRYING😑)"i know but we have to ." mirai said sadly while putting inojin hair into two pony tails .

"we are going to see obaa-san in two days and the kazekage visiting too with temari and kankuro"said onii-san.

" I'm scared of h-how they'll react when we tell t-them" tenji said nervously . " you worry too much ten" Kakishi waved it off .

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