Sora x Yandere Reader One Shot (Finish)

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You were walking from the grocery store heading home, couldn’t wait to see your beloved Sora. What a good boyfriend he is, staying home, waiting for you and not with that bitch Kairi. You didn't like how she hangs around Sora, but now you didn't have to worry about that because Sora at home and Kairi will be dealt with soon. Very soon. That's why you made some poison cupcakes before you left home.    

 Ha, she won't suspect a thing. Maybe in the next life she'll learn to leave true love alone. So here you are at Kairi's house about to knock on the door.*knock knock* 


Her mother answered the door. "Oh hello (name), what are you doing here?" Kairi's mother asked.


"I'm here to talk to kairi. Is she here?" you said sweetly. "Yes, she's up in her room. Kairi come down please, (name) is here to see you!" "Alright coming!" Kairi yelled from up stairs. Kairi came down as her mom went to another room.   

"Hi (name), why are you here?" Kairi asked.  "Just thought I'd come by to say hi, oh, and give you these cupcakes I made," you said with a smile. "Thanks (name). Oh, have you seen Sora? I can't seem to find him. He's been gone for two weeks now." "No I haven't, sorry." You replied with a sad smile. "Oh okay, I thought maybe you might know," Kairi said sadly.      

"Well bye," you said as you left. As you were heading home someone called your name, so you turned around. You saw Roxas running towards you.


 "Hey (name)" "Hi Roxas are you okay? You look sad.." you said. "I'm fine. Hey, have you seen Sora? Me and Riku have been looking for him. He's been missing for two weeks..." Roxas said sadly. 


"Sorry Roxas, I heven't, but I'll let you know if I do, ok?" you sweetly said to him."Alright bye." Roxas said as he ran off.     

After your talk with him, you decided that you should hurry on home to get dinner ready, can't let Sora go hungry now or what kind of girlfriend would you be, letting her man starve. Oh that's not going to happen. Not on your watch.               

Here we are, home sweet home. "Sora, honey I'm back and I bought your favorite food for dinner! Isn't that great love?" You said as you prepared the food. You decided to check up on Sora, so you went up stairs, opened the third door to the right and there he was, just sitting there, chained up to the chair in nothing but his boxers, sexy. His once beautiful ocean, blue eyes have now turned to a dull blue and his skin is a bit paler than his normal tan skin color, but other than that he's healthy.                 

"Hi honey, how are you doing baby?" you asked. Ever since you brought him back to your place he hasn't said a word, well he did use to say let him go and he has tried to escape, but you caught him ever time so you kept him sedated only because you love him and didn't want him to leave you. It would make you very sad if he ever did leave you and no one would ever want to see you sad, now would they?


You walk over to him, sit on his lap, and kiss his lips a couple of times. You sit there for a few minutes then you had to leave cause the food was ready. You put the food on the plates and went up stairs to Sora's room. You sat on his lap while you fed him. Now that the food was all gone, washed the dishes. You went back up to Sora's room and sat on his lap while talking to him. There was a knock on the front door. Who dare ruin your moment with your beloved Sora? You got off his lap and went down stairs to see who it was. You opened the door and there was Roxas and Riku at the door.        

"Hello Roxas, Riku. What are you doing here at such a late hour?" you ask them. 

"Cut the crap! We know Sora is here and we're here to take him back!" Riku said. "What are you talking about, Sora's not here," you said. "Yes he is! We know that he's here now move out of the way!" Roxas said as they pushed you to the floor. 

"Uh," you yelped when you hit the floor. "Wait! Guys, please he's not here." You said as they went up the stairs. They looked in every room til they found him chained to a chair.    

"That sick bitch! How could she do this to him!" Riku said. "Riku, come help me unchain him." Roxas said quickly. 


 The both of them tried to unchain him while you came up from behind them with a machete in your hand. You slowly raised your weapon then brought the machete down fast as you chop off their heads. Blood sprayed everywhere. 


"Oh what a pity. I really didn't want to kill you guys, but you left me no choice," you said with a crazy voice. "Well looks like we can't stay here anymore. Wait right here, honey, I'll be right back." you said as you left the room. You packed everything, your things and Sora's, and left town to never been seen again.



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