My Brother's In Love With My Best Friend?...But, He's Gay!{Chapter 1}

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Chapter 1

Stephanie walked up to my desk and put a note on it.Of course it would be nothing but mean. Sixth period was the only class I couldn't stand. It was Math, andI was just fine with the subject, but ever sinceI started to go out with Stephanie's ex it was nothing but bitching and complaining.

Tanner kept telling me how nice she used to be, which scared me- maybe he still liked her. I just didn't understand how anything that vicious could be nice. Tanner was my boyfriend, Stephanie's ex, which all lead back to the bitching and complaing in sixth period. He had dirty blonde hair, freckles,and the cutest smileI had ever seen on any boy in this whole school. He has some really awesome eyes. They're all green in one light, but then in a different type of light, he has green eyes with some honey colored specks in them. I was in love with his eyes since the very start.

Oh maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Rose Ana Dunne. I have long, strawberry blonde hair, down to my lower back. Dark, almost black, eyes. Perfectly straight teeth, only lucky one in my family. I'm currently living with my bitch of a mother, slut of a sister, Holly, and a manwhore of a gay brother, Paul. He wasn't really that much of a manwhore, but he was. It's hard to explain. But he gives the best advice when it comes to guys. (Thank you God for giving me a gay brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Daddy left us when he found out mom was sleeping with the neighbor, who is the father of Paul. Freaky right? Ok so Holly, biggest slut of the 9th grade. She wears the tinest things! I swear, her clothes will just disappear on her one day, or will just go down to the size of floss. Which brings me to her thongs, EEEEUUUUWWWW. They're the smallest, tinest, grossest ones I have ever seen. What's the point of wearing something underneath her skirts, if it doesn't even look like she's wearing it? Paul, ooooh myyyyy gaaaahd! I love this boy, even though he's only a year younger than me. He knows boys, and what they like (inset winky face here!) eeeuw you sicko, not like that! You're all perverts you know that?

Oh, wow I got off track there. Back to about me. Right I'm in 12th grade, last year of high school. My best friend is Cassadee. (Casade for people who are too stupid to know how to pronounce her name right!) She's this awesome little whore ever. Love her to death. I'm 18, yes I can drive. Yay! Hehe I love me. Wait, I mean my car! Yeah...hehe

Anyways, back to the matter of life or death,I picked up the note carfully, watching over my back for Mrs. Addells. The note read as follow :

Rose, you really should watch your back. Bitchesget what they deserve and you aren't going to get anything nice at all. Tanner is mine, like it or not andI will notjust sit hereand watch you, acting all sweet and innocent. WATCH YOUR BACK BITCH!

WhenI looked at her she gave me her evil eyes.I was sick of this, almost every day she gave me a note that was probably the same exact one each time. Tanner sat across from me and he mouthed 'What's wrong?'I looked at him and mouthed back 'Nothing' she smiled at me, not to sweetly, andI smiled back. Tanner turned in his seat to see what I was smiling at and when he saw it was Stephanie, he just looked at herand flat out gave her the finger.

My hero. Note the sarcasm. It didn't really help much, it just lead back to the bitching and complaing coming from the Queen Bee herself. Nothing good ever comes from her, unless she wants to get fucked (hmmm reminds me of Holly a little...). I, on the other hand, would rather be nice, than get fucked. Not that I've never had sex before or anything!

Aaaand now I bet you all are thinking I'm a virgin.

See, I was being, what some people call, sarcastic.

Wait....I'm off topic again. Shiiit! Gota stop that....

Anyways...Aaaah!!!! There was a spider kill it kill it kill it kill it!

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