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"Would you stop that?" I playfully snap at Sebastian as he continues to grab my my leg and tickle the back of my knee.

"Never!" He exclaims and grabs my leg once again. We were about a month into filming and everything was regular between everybody after they wouldn't tell me who apparently had a crush on me (even after I begged and pleaded.) Today was one of our few days off and I wanted to sleep all day and eat -which is what I do best- but Sebastian unexpectedly showed up and demanded that I let him in. Let's just say he didn't get in till he found the spare key.

"I'm bored Seb." I groan for the millionth time as he releases my leg.

"Well it's good to know I'm such amazing company." He teases. I exaggeratedly roll my eyes at he antics.

"You know you're right, maybe you should leave." I play along. I pull my legs under myself and throwing a blanket over me. I tuck the blanket under as Sebastian maintains a look of shock written across his face.

"I'm offended Aug, I thought what we had was more." He sobs clenching his fist over his heart dramatically. "How will I go on without you August?" He wails grabbing my my arm from under my blanket.

I let out a loud giggle causing my hands to slap over my mouth. I sink further into the blanket as Sebastian's eyes light up.

"Oh August, I wish only for acceptance of what one calls hanging out." He pleads. Just for extra measure he leaps off the the sofa kneeling on the floor in from of me. All the while I struggled to hold off on my giggling.

"Fair Maiden, doth thou want me gone?" He holds his chest as he dramatically throws his arm out whie he stays stationed in front of me.

"Oh my God." I giggle under my breath. I stay silent however as he stay there. He then takes on a pitiful and sad look. He widens his eyes and puckers out his bottom lip slightly.

I groan and cover my eyes. I slightly peek through my fingers before giving in.

"Ugh fine, you can stay."

"YES!" He cheers and removes himself from the ground and flopping back on the sofa.

"So I was thinking that we get some food or something." He states. I shrug causing the blanket to fall slightly. I shiver while I push the blanket off me completely.

  "Let me go get changed." I announce and wonder off down the hall. I grab a pair jeans haphazardly pushing my legs in them. I throw a T-Shirt over my head and move to the bathroom.

   Once I'm done I shuffle back to the living room to find Sebastian knocked out sleeping on the sofa. I laugh lightly going over to stand in front of him. His mouth is hanging open causing light snores to tumble from his lips. I silently grab the blanket pulling it over his frame. He suddenly shifts causing me to stumble away from him. He adjusts himself grabbing my arm.

   "What are you doing?" He sleepily slurs. Half of his face is pushed into the sofa cushions causing his speech to be muffled. He licks his lips, opening his eyes and looking up at me.

   "Come on Sebastian, you were gonna feed me." I whine childishly swinging his arm back and forth with my mine as I twist in my spot.

  "But I'm tired." He whined also, mocking me. I cross my arms over chest and push my hip out as he laughs and pushes himself up.

  "Come on let's go." He adds. I grab my room keys as I trail behind him and we're gone.


imsebastianstan: I think I've tamed the beast, I gave her food

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imsebastianstan: I think I've tamed the beast, I gave her food.
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augsome: I resent that...

chrisevans: #AUGUSTIANOTP !!!!

augsome: Here we go again...🙄

username1: What's significant with the 10?

imsebastianstan: Because it took me 10 hours to get her out of her room @username1

augsome: says the guy that fell sleep while I was getting ready 🤔

imsebastianstan: shut up @augsome

theanthonymackie: don't be rude sebby

imsebastianstan: you shut up too @theanthonymackie

elizolsen: ouch...

scarlettjohansson: can we talk about how long it probably took Sebastian to take that picture perfectly???

imsebastianstan: the longest...she wouldn't keep still. @scarlettjohansson

augsome: hush Seb 🔪

theanthonymackie: well this has taken a violent turn...

chrisevans: let's get real, Seb probably likes it.

imsebastianstan: stop. @chrisevans

augsome: 🤔😏 @theanthonymackie @chrisevans

imsebastianstan: 😳


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