Harry’s POV:

          “Please, Paul?” I begged my tour manager, literally joining my hands together and down on my knees as he sat on the couch in the dressing room, eating from a pack of cashews. “It’s Kelsey’s birthday, I need to be there with her.”

          Paul sighed. “Fine,” he says, “but only for the weekend, okay? We need you back in time for the show.”

          I grinned widely, jumping to my feet as I jumped on top of Paul, hugging him. “Thank you, Paul!” I exclaimed, “don’t tell Kelsey, though, I want it to be a surprise.”

          “Yeah, yeah,” he replied gruffly, pushing me off. “You stink; take a shower before you leave.”

          I chuckle as I leave the dressing room, joining Niall in walking back to the tour bus. As soon as we got on, I immediately jumped on the couch and lay down on my back, staring up at the bus’s ceiling. I found myself smiling at the thought of seeing Kelsey after three weeks; Skype calls and texting didn’t cut it – I needed to actually see her.

          Suddenly, the bus’s doors opened. “We bring pizza!” Zayn’s familiar voice rang out as he, Liam, Luke and Ashton came inside.

          I sit up as the smell of pizza wafts into the bus and Niall and Louis come into view as well. Zayn sets down three boxes of extra large pizza on the counter and Liam pulls out a stack of paper plates as Ashton shows up with two packs of Pepsi.

          As all of us start eating, I asked through a mouthful of pizza, “where are Calum and Michael?”

          Just as I said that, the bus’s doors opened once again and in came the two boys. “Does that answer your question?” Louis looks at me, raising an eyebrow as I chuckle and nod.

          Michael and Calum then join us, and somehow we manage to fit all nine of us in the tour bus as we have a pizza party. As I leaned back on the couch, two slices of pizza on my paper plate, my phone started ringing. Looking at the screen, I saw that my sister was calling me and I immediately answered.

          “Hey, donut,” I say, answering her call.

          I heard my sister chuckle. “You’re an idiot,” she replies, causing me to roll my eyes.

          “Is that why you called me?” I ask, swallowing down a bite of my pizza as the boys started watching TV, “To tell me I’m an idiot?”

          “No,” Gemma says, “I called you because I’m bored. Mum’s out and Kelsey’s taking a nap, so I’m all by my lonesome.”

          “You’re not driving my hormonal girl crazy, right?” I ask, smirking to myself.

          Gemma scoffs. “Please,” she says, and I could just picture my older sister rolling her eyes. “I’m the best sister-in-law ever. But no, we’re all fine. Did I ever tell you how crazy it is to feel your little babies kick?”

          I let out a loud groan as I stand up and step over the boys towards where the bunk beds were. “Shut up!” I exclaim, “everyone’s felt my babies kick except for me. It’s not fair.”

          “Sorry, mister pop star,” she replies in a teasing tone as I hoist myself up, sitting on the edge of a middle bunk while resting my feet on the one opposite of me. “But you have to give credit to Kels – she’s keeping it together while those little girls kick her like a football.”

          I chuckle breathily. “Maybe they’ll take after Louis and play some football – we all know I’m crap at it.”

          “Amen to that, little brother,” Gemma replies. “Anyway, are you coming for Kelsey’s birthday?”

          I grin widely. “Yeah,” I say, “I finally got Paul to let me come so, yeah, I’m coming.”

          “And I’m guessing that it’ll be a surprise to Kelsey?”

          “Yup; so don’t you dare tell her.”

          “I won’t, I won’t. Have a little faith in me.”

          I chuckled as I continued my conversation with my older sister, before she decided it’s time for her to go to bed. Hanging up, I walk back into the living room where I see Luke reaching for my pizza.

          “Don’t even think about it!” I yell before diving on the couch and retrieving my plate, causing Luke to pull back, wide eyed.

          He pouts, crossing his arms over his chest, resembling a little kid. “Possessive.”


          “So what’s your birthday present for Kelsey?” Louis asks me, joining me on the couch on the bus.

          I smirk. “I’m getting her this new Burberry bag she had her eyes on for a while,” I tell him, “and I’m filling it up with things she loves.”

          Louis looks at me, impressed. “That’s pretty cool,” he says, “what type of things?”

          I huff, leaning back on the couch. “I’m still trying to figure that out,” I tell Louis, causing him to laugh. “I mean, I’ve got a bunch of things already, I just need a few more.”

          “Get her some baby stuff,” Louis suggests. “I’ve heard stretch marks are a big pain in the arse for pregnant women. Get her some cream for that.”

          I stare at him, dumbfounded. “What in the world?”

          “It’s just a suggestion!” he exclaims defensively, throwing up his arms. “I helped my mum when she was pregnant with all the girls, you know, including the twins!”

          I roll my eyes, chuckling at my best friend. “I’ll think about it, mate,” I say, patting his back before standing up and heading over to the mini fridge. “But honestly I want to be there for Kelsey as much as possible while she’s pregnant.”

          “Aww,” Louis sounds out, causing me to roll my eyes once again as I turn to face him, holding a beer bottle. “Little Harry’s worried about his pregnant wife!” he then pauses for a minute, then looking at me as a chuckle of disbelief escapes his lips. “Never thought I’d be saying that.”

          I laugh along, taking a sip of my beer. “Neither did I, buddy.”

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