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*We are with boruto and the gang , finnaly!!!!*

*Boruto P.O.V*

As i woke up i felt a something that weigh a ton that was on top of me as i open my eyes it was a blur.

then it came into focus it felt like everyone was on top of me it was metal lee ,shikadai,tamaki, and sarada."GET THE HELL OFF ME,'TTABASA!!!"I yelled.

Then everyone started to get off me very slowly which is a pain in the ass , ya' know ."shannarooooo where the hell are we?!?!?!"sarada said.

Suddenly, something hit me like a sack of bricks ' WHERE IS HAMAWARI AND THE OTHERS!!!!!'. Afterwards , we heard something burst And a scream .

I ran to the sound and found smoke everywhere once it was clear I see the rest of the group and himawari in the middle .

sound village ninjas was attacking them . also we had none of our ninja tools know what was we supposed to do but i had a idea. "Guys why dont have our ninja tools ."i said with a smirk .


as everyone got in ther formations everyone attacked at the same time ino-shika-cho was performed first then the rest .

(i SKIPPED THAT BECAUSE I FORGOT THERE NAMES😂😂😂 MOVING ON) mitsuki got some rope he had made which no one knows where from and tied the ninjas up he didnt even put on sweat .

"WHAT THE HELLLLLLLL,'TTEBAYO. " Someone yelled making everyone stopped in there tracks and turn around slowly .

There they was team 7. Tenji my cousin gasped loud , everyone else eyes was wide ."hmm , what are you citizens doing here and have you seen any sound ninjas anywhere?"kakashi asked .

"ummmmmm well you see they are tied up over there"kakishi said. 'He look like me what the.'

kakashi thought as the genins look at where he pointed their eyes almost came out there eye sockets."HOW???"kakashi exclaimed.

"WE KICKED THERE ASSES THATS HOW!!!!!!"Boruto yelled ."WHY DO HE LOOK AND ACT EXACTLY LIKE NARUTO!!!!!!!!'everyone thought except naruto cause its naruto .

' why do that dude look like me-'kakishi thought'why do she have pink hair like my mom-'sarada thought"OOOHH NO TELL ME-"himawari thought"WE'RE IN THE PASTTTTT!!!"by now everyone of the kids knew that they were in the past except the knucklehead boruto.

I'm going to cancel it shebiki teeth so she don't have buck teeth .

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