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It had been a little over 5 months since the wedding. Draco had been given a promotion at work but turned it down because it would require him to be away from home for long periods of time that could sometimes extend to a month. Draco didn't want that he wanted to be home so he could take care of his wife. Hermione had also turned down a promotion but only because she would have had to work 5 extra hours a day meaning her 5 hour work days would turn into 10.

The two were still going very strong despite their recent let down. Hermione and Draco had been trying for a baby since the day of the wedding and had no luck. Hermione and Draco went to a muggle doctor and were told that her chances of pregnancy are less than her chances to win the lottery. That news put a bit of a strain on the two but instead of moping they were thinking about turning to a surrogate or adopting. 

Hermione's fluttered as she woke the next morning, it was a Friday which was the beginning of the best three days of the week, Friday Saturday and Sunday - both Hermione and Draco didn't work these days so they had the weekend for quality time. Draco felt as Hermione moved in his arms and his eyes opened.

Since the first day he saw her, she took his breath away and after all those years she still did. That was one of Draco's favorite things about her. Every moment was like the first.

"How did you sleep?" Draco asked her as she got to her feet. Hermione was wearing one of Draco's button down shirts, he liked it when she wore them.

"I slept good, but then again I always do." she said as she headed out of the room.

"Where are you going Mrs. Malfoy" Draco teased as he chased her down the hall.

The two stumbled downstairs and into the kitchen before Draco caught her around the waist. Turning around Hermione smiled as he pulled her close and kissed her on the neck. He then lifted her up onto the counter and the started making love before Hermione pushed him away.

"Hemione?" He said confused as he watched her run from the room. Cautiously he followed her only to find her hovering over the porcelain gagging. "Are you okay love?" He asked.

Hermione finished her vomiting before she got to her feet and flushed the toilet. "I think I have food poisoning, its been going around."

"Food poisoning from what?"

"Pot luck at work" Hermione said as she brought out her tooth brush to brush her teeth. "Someone brought some cursed shrimp and there were 30 reports of people getting sick from it" She finished.

Sighing Hermione walked into the kitchen where she began cracking a few eggs to make an omelete. "Do you want any bell peppers or cheese in yours love" She questioned.

"The works" she smiled as he kissed her on the lips before opening the window for the owl to come in. Draco took the mail from its beak and sat down at the table to read it. "Hmmm thats good, seems a few more of the Dark Lords supporters were found and taken to Azkaban."

"Harry has been doing well in the office, that is the 32nd rogue Death Eater his team has found this past month." Hermione replied as she flipped the two omeletes onto the plate and brought it to the table.

"Yes indeed, Kingsley was the best thing that ever happened to the Ministry of Magic." Draco set aside the paper and took a bite out of his omelete. "So what is on your agenda today?" Draco asked.

"Well I have my yearly check up today at the doctors and then I was thinking about doing a bit of shopping."

"Do you mind any company?" Draco added as he finished eating and cleaned his plate.

"No not at all, I always love your company baby" Hermione added before she took out her wand and flashed it once changing into her muggle clothes.

Draco waved his wand changing into his muggle clothes as well. Hermione joined him at his side and they turned on the spot and apparrated.

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