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A fierce elven warrior running from her past... An arrogant, handsome prince seeking revenge... Two enemies sworn to complete one common mission...

Sylara Thren grew up with a sword in her hand and her life committed to serving her kingdom. Then something changes... something she could not quite put her finger on but suddenly the life of a warrior is the last thing she wants. Leaving her past behind her, she moves on to live the quiet, peaceful life she never dreamed she would find, that is until an arrogant dark fae prince interrupts her serenity.

There is not much Prince Rhydian Tarrion has wanted for in his life. He is heir to one of the strongest kingdoms in the known realms, the golden boy of his parents, and doted on by the many ladies of the court. He rarely has ever had to ask for anything or explain his actions, but all this changes dramatically when his path crosses with a fiery elven warrior who he cannot stand, let alone be partners with.

The two strong-willed, determined adventurers must lay their differences aside for a common goal, one that will unite their lands. Working together is the only way to accomplish this, but will their prejudices and preconceived ways hinder them? Only time will tell as they set off on an adventure bigger, more perilous, and more action packed than either have ever seen before.

 Working together is the only way to accomplish this, but will their prejudices and preconceived ways hinder them? Only time will tell as they set off on an adventure bigger, more perilous, and more action packed than either have ever seen before

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Sneak Peek:

Rhydian didn't understand what he was doing all the way out here in the middle of nowhere. He'd traveled days to get to the Miiradon court only to be told the person he sought was no longer there. It made no sense. And now he was tired, cold and wanted a hot bath and meal. He looked down at the map once more. The spot marked with an X on the map he'd been traveling to should be around here somewhere fairly soon. He hoped he hadn't got turned around again.

He was used to traveling but usually with a retinue of servants or at least loyal knights. But this journey was different, secret. No one, not even his sister or father knew why he'd left. They believed he was out gallivanting about the kingdom side, smiling at damsels and playing hero. Little did they know just how close to being right they were on that last account. He was playing hero, and this time he better play less and do more if he were going to come through this quest unscathed.

Which brought him back to his present situation. The sooner he found former High Commander Flaris the better. King Dhovar of Miiradon had informed him the high commander retired a couple years back. So why did Selphie insist he travel to Miiradon to seek the man? He wasn't sure, and almost hadn't followed The Khavi's instructions but something checked him at the last minute. It was serious enough that The Khavi had sought him out privately. And she never sought anyone out. So he listened but no look at the mess he was in. Lost in the Miiradon Highlands.

Just as he was about to halt for another night on the trail, he rounded a hill and there in the valley below was the most picturesque farm he'd ever seen. A cozy stone farmhouse set nestled in the valley surrounded by grassy meadows and a bubbling creek. This was definitely not what he expected from a former elven army commander. But to each his own, Rhydian thought as he moved further into the valley.

Riding over the lush pasture land Rhydian picked up speed ready to put this leg of his journey behind him. Fluffy white lambs scurried out of his path, bleating as they went. A few cows ambled along chewing the soft green grass in a lazy nonsensical motion. He didn't slow his mount until he rode into the farm yard sending dust and clucking hens flying in different directions. He pulled up outside a huge stone barn where sounds of animals filled the air. Leaping off his horse, he tossed the reins over the fence railing and turned towards the house. He hadn't taken two steps when a very feminine voice stopped him in his tracks.

"That's far enough. State your business then be on your way," a very firm lyrical voice spoke from behind him. Rhydian held his hands up as not to scare the maiden. He assumed she was either wife or daughter of the man he sought.

"I am Princ..." he began.

"I know who you are, Dark Fae. What business do you have with me on my farm?" Something about her voice niggled in his brain. There was a familiarity to it but he had no idea where he'd heard it before.

"I've come seeking former High Commander Flaris of Miiradon," Rhydian stated as he slowly turned.

"You've found her. Now I'll only ask once more, what do you want, Prince Rhydian?" Rhydian's mouth fell open in surprise. There before him stood Miiradon's Champion, Sylara Thren. The same elf who had challenged Arabella almost three years ago. She stood directly behind him, blonde hair whipping in the breeze. One hand was on her hip and the other held an elf blade. Just what in Thragorn's name did Selphie get him into?


This is it! Book 3 of The Vale Series... The start of Rhydian's adventure. I know this doesn't tell you exactly what the book is about. I still want that to be a little bit of a mystery until the whole story starts posting... But you can conclude Rhydian is going to be going on a quest and Sylara is obviously supposed to play a role in his adventure. So, what did you think? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!! ~SJ xoxo

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