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During the time the gang disappeared

*uzamaki household*

'its getting really late .i wonder where boruto and himawari are right now.' a beauty named hinata thought as she cooked ramen for her family .

All of a sudden, a knock came at the door making her jump at the sudden sound in the quiet household .As she opened it she was looking forward to seeing boruto and himawari . instead she saw naruto looking really tired as always.

"Hey hinata-hime."naruto smiled tiredly . "hello naruto-kun. "hinata replied kissing naruto cheek ." im gonna lay down for a quick minute." naruto yawned.

When he finished his yawn he ran to the bedroom to hurry and get some sleep from the fluffy bed he missed so much preparing to great his kids after his sleep.

For some reason hinata can feel something is wrong her heart is telling her this but her mind is saying its nothing to worry about .


TenTen P.O.V

A strong independent women locked up her weapon shop while thinking, ' Tenji better come home because she's never this late, I'm so worried since she didn't call me. I'll have to give her a good hit  upside the head with a kunai . nah im just kidding I'll just give her a talk. '.she chuckled to herself.

As she walked off to her house she turned and looked towards the hokage building sensing a weird feeling coming from it  but could never put a finger on . and so did the other moms . what they don't know is that heartache will be coming up for a quick minute .

* Nara household*

" shika have you seen shikadai anywhere. " the queen of the sand temari leaned on the door of her and her husband bedroom . " *sigh* what a drag , I haven't seen him all day . he's probably sleeping somewhere since he's too lazy to even walk . " shikamaru mumbled loud enough for temari to hear .

" yes you probably ,right ." temari said sadly while looking out the window of her house feeling something in her heart . shikamaru got up and picked up temari lazily and later her on the bed . " dont worry about it ." Shikamaru said and tenari cuddled into his warmth but not sleeping she stared in the direction of hokage building.

         * inuzuka household *

" kami , where is she , I'm scared.  " a dog-boy or man panicked . " dont w-worry hun im worried too but I know that she's alright. "  the cat women also known as tamaki tried to calm down her husband .

. "o-okay " kiba snuggled into tamaki hug  . kiba had a very funny feeling . but all he did was brush it away like a piece dirt .

      * hatake household *

" where is that little monkey of mines." kakashi mumbled as he set another book down for kakish on his study table .

it was 10 books stacked . " hmmmm.... He's probably with mirai you know how he always crush on her ." shizune smiled but behind that smiling face was a very worried face.

"....your worried too aren't you . " kakashi turnt to her.  " ....... Yes." she smiled sadly . kakashi got up from his desk and went next to shizune.

" what are you doing ? " shizune said confused . kakashi bent down and pecked her lips making her blush . " its alright kakish got this and so does the others." kakish smiled through his mask .

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