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Flashback -Year 1992

"Who is this?"

The little boy asked, looking at his neighbour with big eyes.

"That's Naya, she was born a week ago."

"She's a baby?" He continued to ask, pointing at the baby.

"Yes Blake, this is a new born baby."

His mother answered, stroking his auburn curly hair.

"So I'm not a baby anymore?"

"No, you're already three years old. You're a big boy now."

"Yes, you're going to take care of Naya."

Blake looked back at the woman, holding the baby in her arms and gently touched the baby's forehead.

"I like baby Naya

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"I like baby Naya."

The young woman laughed and the little boy's Mom joined her.

"I'm sure baby Naya likes you too."


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The first chapters will be kinda short and they will be flashbacks.
I hope you're going to enjoy the story❤️

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