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Draco stood at the altar watching as Hermione walked down the isle her father at her side. She smiled so radiantly as she met his eyes. Hermione was a stunning beauty in a long floor length dress with what looked like two black peacocks flowing down the front. Slowly she made her way down the isle, staying in rhythm with the music. Finally they met the altar and her father handed her off to him before taking his seat. The vows were exchanged and they were pronounced man and wife.

Everyone moved quickly to the dance floor where Hermione and Draco had their first dance. They twirled around the marble floor in an elegant manner before she was passed off to her father for the father daughter dance.

"Hermione are you one hundred percent sure about Draco?" Her father asked her as they swayed to the song.

"Dad, why are you so against this?"

"He doesn't have a job."

"He works at the Ministry and makes alot of money" Hermione hissed as best as she could through a fake smile.

"I mean a real job, that is why we set you up with Brody and your husband screwed it up." Her father snapped.

"My husband treats me like a woman should be treated, Brody beat me dad."

"What did you do to anger him." her father retorted.

Hermione dropped her arms and put a few inches between her and her father before tears filled her eyes. "Just for once I wish you could be happy for me. Congradulations dad you ruined the one day that I can never live again." Hermione held up her hands and took two steps back. "Don't expect me to be around when your grandkids are born, as far I consider it I am no longer your daughter." Hermione turned and ran towards the house slamming the door behind her.

Draco who had just witnessed Hermione running off in tears. Walking over to her father he looked at him. "Why can't you just be happy for us?"

"I was happy for my daughter when she was with Brody and you went and assaulted him"

"Are you as stupid as you look. Do you want your daughter being with someone that brutally attacks her or do you want her being with one that treats her like a woman should be treated. You know what, I think it's time you and your wife leave. No hard feelings but I want my wife to be happy and I will not let anyone ruin that." Draco turned and walked off towards the house to try and cheer up Hermione so they could finish their reception party.

Draco walked inside before he heard cries coming from the hall to his right. Walking down the hall Draco saw Hermione crying. "Hey love, he left its just you me and the rest of your family friends. Harry Luna our friends from school they are waiting for us." Draco spoke softly.

Hermione turned to look at Draco before he reached his hand up and wiped the tears from her eyes with his finger. Hermione smiled feebly and nodded her head. "Okay, lets finish this"

Draco and Hermione kissed before they headed out the door. Everyone clapped their hands as they walked out. Hermione and Draco were smiling as they made their way back to the center of the party and continued their dance which morphed into a sultry salsa dance. Everyone clapped as they twisted and turned on the dance floor. Several coupleds joined them before Hermione decided it was time to throw the boquet. Hemione turned all the females gathering behind her and threw the boquet up in the air towards them. Hermione quickly turned around and smiled as she saw Luna had caught the flowers. Everyone around them clapped and roared and Harry joined her side kissing her on the lips.

After 3 hours it was time for them to go on their Honey Moon. Hermione didn't want to go anywhere for their honeymoon, she just wanted to spend time with him so they decided to have it at the house. Hermione and Draco told the guests they would clean up the mess by theirselves and everyone quickly left.

"Are you ready Hermione, this cleaning could take all night" Draco joked as he took out his wand and cast a charm that immeadiately restored everything to how it was before the wedding.

Hermione laughed as she blew a kiss to him before running into the house.

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