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Friday night and I was home. Lots of people would think that's the weirdest thing ever for an 18 year-old person like me, but it was in fact such an usual plan for me. Kelly and Rachel both had family meetings and and my parents were spending the weekend at some friends' place.

I went to my room to have another of my netflix and pizza session on my own, but as soon as the film started, I heard a noise from outside through my window.

I paused the movie for a few seconds and then played it again, but soon after the noise was repeating.

I stood up and went to my window to close it, but I heard the sound of brunches breaking coming from outside and I froze. Someone was trying to climb. I was really scared. Being alone in home at night was no longer fun for me.

I hesitated between hiding under my bed like a kid or run to the window to close it. My brain decided somehow to do the second option and I rushed towards the window in order to shut it down.

And just when the window was about to reach the end, I saw four fingers down of it, being pressed by the glass.

"AH!" I screamed.

"OUCH! GRACE!" I heard him shout.

I couldn't believe I was truly listening to his voice.

"...THE FUCK" I muttered.

I open the window again and looked down it, only to confirm my ears were not decieving me. Luke Hemmings was hanging by my fucking window at 10:30pm in the night.


I pulled him in whilst he climbed up my wall, which was not too high from the ground, and once he was in my room, I let him talk after he caught his breath.

"You can't make surprises that easy nowadays, huh?" he said.

"Surprises?! Luke you scared the living daylights out of me!" I told him.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to give you a surprise!".

That's when I started to laugh.

"Oh my God how do you know I'd be here?".

"I asked you, remember?".

I recalled him asking me if I was gonna be home by Friday night. That explained it all.

"But... I could've been naked or something!".

He let a little smirk appear on his face.

"Oh..." he realized. "That's true... Sorry?".

"It's fi-".

"Good" he cut me off. "I thought we could go to the movies".

I just froze. Again.

"What?" I asked.

"C'mon Gracie".

"What did you just call me?".

Luke looked at me, with a look on his face that was hard to understand for me.

"Gracie" he said. "It sounds cute".

And yeah, I really thought it did sound cute. I smiled.

"Okay let me go back to the part of the 'movies' thing" I said.

"You're wasting the night! Just change your shoes".

And after I sighed, I let him lead me whenever he wanted. I trusted him, I couldn't know why but I did.

I changed my shoes to some sneakers and I follwed him.

"I'd rather take the door this time" I stated.

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