Chapter 1

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Perrie's POV:

"Zayn we need to talk."

"I know. Who's going to watch the kids?"

"I don't know, my mum can't watch them. Have you asked your mum?"

"Uh not yet, hold on." Zayn pulled out his phone and called his mum. I heard Hunter's cry from upstairs and I ran upstairs. I walked into his nursery and picked him up.

"Hey bubba." I said kissing his cheek. He giggled and I smiled. "Do you want some yum yums?" Hunter nodded his head and I walked into the hallway. "Isabella! Ruby!"

"Yeah mum?" They said in unison while running out of their rooms.

"Are you hungry?"

"YES!" They yelled, once again in unison. They ran downstairs and I followed them.

"Izzy, can you put Hunter in his chair?"

"Sure mum." I passed Hunter to Isabella and went into the kitchen. "Oww! Hunter no pulling hair."

"Hunter no pulling Isabella's hair." I said walking into the dining room. I took Hunter from Isabella and put him in his chair with him giggling away. I walked back into the kitchen and made some sandwiches. I looked back into the dining room and saw Ruby braiding a strand of Isabella's hair. I smiled because now Isabella doesn't need to wear her wig, her hair has been growing back and quite fast. I brought them their sandwiches and Hunter his cereal. I sat down in front of Hunter and began feeding him.

"My mum said she would. It would give her time to spend with the kids." I nodded and turned to the girls.

"Isabella, Ruby, me and your dad have to go on tour soon."

"How soon is soon?" Ruby asked looking upset.

"About a month. We'll be back before you know it."

"How many sisters do you have dad?"

"I've got 3, Doniya, Wahliya and Safaa."



It's really short! Sorry, but I hope you liked it! :)


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