Crazy lady

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"Ugghhhh!" I whined "well what do you want to do?" Chris asked "I don't know play video games or something" "well you didn't bring any so have fun being bored" suddenly my phone went off

Hey crazy lady 
For all you know I'm a guy
Highly doubt that
Fine i am a girl but that doesn't change the fact that I don't know who you are
Whatever well what exactly is your name
My name is Y/N
Nice name I'm Vinny
Why you so confused by that
I don't know maybe because you pretended to be Vinny Mauro who is like the HOTTEST person in the universe
Oh so you like this Vinny guy
No shit Sherlock I just fucking told you that
Sorry what exactly do you like about him
Idk umm his unique personality how he stands out in the band cause he isn't exactly like all the other guys umm he likes video games so that's a plus I would go on but I don't wanna bore u
Wow this Vinny Mauro sounds cool and you like video games?!
Ahhh no fucking shit Sherlock
Oh shit well I gotta go I THE DISHES...yeah do the dishes bye

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