Chapter 3- Flex

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Chapter 3- Flex

After I finally got Ashton to show me where my room was, he reluctantly left. Now I am just looking around the room.

It's quite simple, the walls are all a dark blue colour and there are three windows lined up on the well adjacent to the beds.

I say beds because there are two single beds that are both covered in plain white linin. It looks surprisingly comfortable for a boarding school.

There is a knock on my door and I pull it open to see Mrs. Maxis standing at the door.

"Coral, unfortunately you can't teach here. As much as we want you to, you need a degree, but... I want to invite you to attend this school, just for the year." she says and smiles.

"Wait, you're firing me and you want me to go back to school?" I ask.
She sighs, "Well, next year you can apply to any college you want, this years applications have been closed and next year, if you go to this school, there won't be anywhere that wont accept you. Going to this school in general is great but being a girl invited to this school would be..." Mrs. Maxis nods, not needing to explain, "and it would be completely free, the stuff we learn here is more advanced." she tells me and gives me another smile.

"I..." I sigh and bite my lip. I guess it's too late to apply and no jobs will accept me 'till next year so I really don't see why not... I hate wasting time and I do know how prestigious the school is and going as a girl is basically unheard of. This would be an awesome offer to anyone that had half a brain.

"Yeah, okay." I say and smile.

"Great, bring your stuff here and you have to attend classes from tomorrow. I'll make you a schedule but... You will be in Class A." she says, concerned.

"What's that?" I ask. She's making it seem like it's a bad thing.

"That's the class you were teaching... It's the only space available and they're really clever so they get priorities and passes etcetera but, because they're rich, they still act like brats." she says and nods.

"I don't know..." Maybe I'll just pass.

She says they're clever but... So will you bang me if I asked?


"How about if you tutor them every Friday afternoon, then you will get the job experience as well because you will still technically be teaching here?" she offers and I frown.

"Okay." I mumble and nod.

"I'll send one of the other tutors here to give you your schedule, make friends, you might need to be shown around. Oh, and that tutor will be sharing a room with you." she tells me and I nod. I'll finally get to see another girl that isn't old... I hope.


Wyatt Hart

Wyatt Hart

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