2. Nice to see you again

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" hey. Look I've bought two beautiful girls for you. Give that girl a break for once " hazel said to a guy who had his back faced at me. He was leaning against the balcony with a girl beside him. Both look familiar.

" I'm not a girl " jack slapped hazel's arm and she stuck her tongue out.

" so this is- " hazel was about to introduce me but got cut by that very same cute voice i heard this morning.

" actually....we've already met " chris interrupts her coming forward to me with that cute smile on his face

So chris is my new roommate......I feel like jumping and dancing and singing

Woahhhhhhh....I'm perfectly fine sharing room with guys

" yeah you are the same girl from this morning right who was displaying her innerwears " that same hot model girl interfered before i could even share a smile. I look away embarrassed but chris gave her a warning glare and she rolled her eyes. Flop model.

I dont want to share my room with her.

oh really....you don't have Jacob and your dad here who fulfils your every childish commands.

" Ignore her. " chris said which made jack and hazel chuckled. The flop model gave them a death glare and went away leaning on the balcony again
" I'm so happy to see you again rose. We are roomies now " he held his palm smiling for hifi and i slap it gladly.

God dammit his smile makes me forget everything.

" yeah. I'm happy too. well this place is quite beautiful. You did this? " i said moving forward to the couches.

" well we all 3 did it with natalie helping us too." he replied pointing to the flop model whose eyes were on us only.

" oh really? I'm still trying to figure out she was helping or making things more worse for us" hazel said loudly on purpose so that natalie can hear it too. She pretended to ignore and continued on her phone.

" I'm sorry i couldn't make it here on time and help you'll. It's really beautiful " i apologised while jack and hazel were lightening the extinguished candles.

" not as beautiful as you " i heard him saying while i was looking at the beautiful pink flowers. But when i looked towards him again he pretended that hw never said that and joined hazel and Jack

Did i just heard it coz i wNt to hear it


Dont fall for it rose

These are tactics of guys praising you then pretending to love you then leaving you

You've watched it on series

" well what do we do now? " chris ask settling on a cushion

" I'll get some wine and then we'll party hard all night " hazel suggest and brings the bottles kept at a table over there while i settle opposite chris.

She jumps on the cushion beside chris with jack following him. Even natalie joins chris and settle on his left. Opening the wine she starts pouring in our glasses. She offers it to chris but he declines

" I'm more of a beer guy "

" want a drink rose? "

" nope "

I'm nowhere gettin drunk today because I'm very weird when I'm drunk. I'm not in the nood to embarass myself more then I'm already am

" being the responsible one..good " hazel exclaims patting my cheek

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