1: The Farewell Party

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the smallest things
take up the most room in your

Words used :1945

(Main female character)

I'm sitting in the main hall of my house, decorated with rich red velvet sofas placed in a rectangular pattern. The intricate designs in cream covering it like swirls of floral. In my younger days, I'd sit and trace for hours relishing at their softness yet now, it was just a lounging area where you could sprawl as long as your parents don't catch you. The rest of the house was dominated with whites and creamish brown marble floors, boring colours I know, my parents had to be really obsessed with these colours since it's all over the house. (map added below)

The kitchen though is a hallway down, while the dining room is just adjacent to the main hall connecting and leading to the hallway, you could easily view the long table and it's many chairs from the main hall. (Map below)

💙 Blue       :  Bedrooms💛 Yellow   :  Bathrooms🌺 Pink       :  Main Hall🍽️ White    :  Kitchen💜 Violet    :  Storage rooms🧡 Orange  :  Hallways 💚 Green    :  Long Narrow Balcony🖨️ Silver     :  Kitchen🏺 Brown   :  Dining Hall / Disco room

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💙 Blue       :  Bedrooms
💛 Yellow   :  Bathrooms
🌺 Pink       :  Main Hall
🍽️ White    :  Kitchen
💜 Violet    :  Storage rooms
🧡 Orange  :  Hallways
💚 Green    :  Long Narrow Balcony
🖨️ Silver     :  Kitchen
🏺 Brown   :  Dining Hall / Disco room

Nevertheless, houses are all different you could come by all the rooms, like the back of your hand with my journey of life, in here with you.

I'm practically doing nothing as my mobile battery is dead on purpose because it basically takes away all your fun making you insociable in my opinion. Therefore, that goes for charging leaving me with staring at the aliens; as in my friends sitting all around me, I roll my eyes at them for the nth time, it was like waiting for a webpage to load and it rounding a thousand time already yet, stuck at the same page, motionless and unmoving.

Let me give you an advice...
When you plan for a party make sure
They have no mobile which provides unlimited WiFi to you because I've learnt my lesson well enough since the past one hour... Oh... Of course... Let me enlighten you about it!

Here their heads have been trained to look into their mobile screens, it's almost as if looking somewhere else, would make their gadgets disappear in that millisecond!

Hands have been modified as professional holder no matter what unknown angles you are sprawled on the sofa


some have halfway reached the carpet, are upside down yet are still glued to it...

Professional gymnasts... Aren't they?.... Sigh...

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