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-N⃟A⃟T⃟S⃟U⃟'s⃟ P⃟O⃟V⃟-

My name is Natsu Dragneel! I live in Magnolia, Fiore. We have tons of super pretty crystal clear water streams and lakes, and are especially famous for our incredible hydroelectric dam! Actually, the dam is my father, Igneel's work. My dads a really important man, actually. He's the boss of the Fairy Tail Company. It's a huge faculty with a bunch of super cool technology and historic artifact thingys. Although I don't get to see him much since he's working all the time, he's the best dad ever.

I live at home with my little sister Wendy and my adorable blue cat, Happy. My dad was able to make him have blue fur with a really cool invention that didn't hurt or effect him at all. The machine is kinda useless, though.

Oh! I also live with my uncle, Gildarts. He doesn't work much, and stays at home a lot. He also constantly works out, and is super strong... and very drunk.

My mom disappeared when I was little. She was beautiful, kind and really smart. We couldn't find her, and she never came back. I really miss her, especially without dad around a lot. Wendy takes care of a lot of things like cooking, most of the cleaning--which I help out when I can--, and just being there for everyone.

Anyway, I live a mostly normal life. I go to high school with my friends, hang out and go to the mall, regular stuff like that.

Right now I'm eating breakfast with my family. Except dad, who was already at work. Wendy had cooked eggs, bacon, and toast for us.

"So, what's new kiddos?" Gildarts asked, finally taking his eyes off of the tv.

I shrugged, busy stuffing my face with toast.

"Oh, Romeo-kun is coming over after school so we can study together!" Wendy said sweetly.

"A study date, hm? Don't have too much fun." Gildarts teased.

"I-It's not a date!" Wendy blushed, shaking her head.

Happy crawled into my lap as Gildarts laughed and apologized for teasing, even though he wasn't actually sorry.

"You two should get a move on! Don't wanna be late!" He said.

"Hai!" Wendy quickly finished her toast.

I nodded and gulped down the last of my orange juice and picked up my bag.

"See ya, Pops!" I waved and headed to the front door, slipping my school shoes on, Wendy following soon after.

"Have a good day!" He shouted and we shut the door behind us.

I held my bag over my shoulder, stuffing my other hand in my pocket.

"So, ya into Romeo, huh?" I smirked, looking over at my little sister as we walked.

"O-Onii-san! Don't tease me!" She puffed her cheeks in a cute pout.

"Aww, my lil sis' got a crush~." I snickered.

"Be quiet!" She playfully hit me on the shoulder as we arrived at the school gates.

"Oh, I gotta go! See you after classes, Onii-san!" She waved and ran off to Romeo and Chelia, her best friends.

"Oi, Pinkie!"


"Yo, Droopy eyes." I greeted the idiot in front of me.

"What was that, Spiky head?" Gray glared at me.

"What? You deaf?" I mocked, walking inside next to him.

"Problem boys?"

Oh no.

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