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This is my first story so don't write anything mean please and I don't own the characters S.M does , although I wish I did but I don't !! =D My story is going to have some drama and fighting between everyone and have alot of love and lost !! ( Their all vamps but Bella and my vampires can sleep eat and gpo to the bathroom but they look human but there not)

My name is Isabella Marie Swan im 16 I have two older sibling Emmett Swan is 18 & Alice Swan is 17. My bestfriends are Jasper Cullen is 18 , Rosalie Cullen is 18 and lastly was Edward Cullenis 17. Emmett Rosalie together, an Alice and Jasper wont admit they like each other and me and Edward are still single we both are going to start high school in 2 weeks. And I'm so scared to start but I have Edward with me to help with the crazy stuff that's going to happen in Forks High School , Emmett says I should look for a boyfriend but I keep saying "no" and that I like someone else and he knows who it is he but just doesn't say who it is. Alice and Rosalie keep on telling me that Edward likes me but I know that is not true because he could like plain girl like me but I like him a lot that its killing me on the inside and they won't listen to me when I say it. So today I am going to tell Edward I like him more then a friend. (They are all vampires but me, Emmett and Alice were turned when they were dying because they got into a really bad car accident and Dr. Cullen didnt want they to die so he turned them and Jasper, Rose and Edward were turned when they ask there father but Edward didnt want to wait up til he was 18 )

(A/N sorry if i confuse you :()

(2 weeks before high school)

So today Im going to tell Edward i like him more than a friend and im so terffied about i hope i dont pass out or something. I ask Edward to come with me out back because we were at his house.

(Bella the Bold and Edward the Italic)

"Umm... Edward can I have somthing to tell you" I said

"Me too Bela" he said it proud

"Me first okay so ... Edward .. I like .. um you more than a friend" I said it i finally said it to his face.

"Oh well Bella i like you too more than a friend of course i've you scince the 8 grade" he said in a low whisper.

"Really??" i said confused

"Yeah" thats all he said

Thats when he kissed me and i kiss him back so quicky I didnt even hear everyone come outside to watch us make out. I heard a whistl from my idoit brother Emmett and chuckling from Alice Rose and Jasper , I was blushing a deep red when Edward finally broke the kiss I hide my head in his chest.

"About time you guys tel each other you like each other" Emmett said

"Yeah" Jasper Rose and Alice said all together. I laugh at then and went inside with Edward by my side.

Later that night me Emmett and Alice sleepover Edward's house.. So Emmett wanted to sleep with Rose and Alice wanted to sleep in her own room while Jasper slept in the guest room so Edward decided for me to sleep with him. That night we talk about what might happen in high school an when we were going on our first date i was so happy that Edward was mine and that i was his only we also made out for a while then we fell asleep.

When we woke up we didnt know that Edwards dad friends family came to move to Forks that was bad but the worst was that it was the Denila family and Tanya was always all over Edward but he didnt like her like that. And on top of that Tayne and her sisters Kate and Irina are going to Forks High School with us.


Sorry cant write more my uncle wants his iPhone 4 back so ill upload the rest either tomorrow or Thrusday so just bar ewith me please !!(REALLY HOPE YOUR GONNA LIKE MY STORY)

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