Myājik's Day

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Lunch featured everyone but Nisvārtha, who still hadn't the balls to face me. Everyone but Havala had shifted to eat, probably trying to make me more comfortable since I had no idea how to shift back yet.

Suruli told me that I would be stuck in dragon form for a while, so trying to shift back was pointless. After lunch she pulled on her doctor pants and ordered me to go to my room and rest more.

I didn't object, the food had made me tired, and climbing the stairs used up the rest of my energy. I slept for a few hours and when I woke up I noticed a light blue shape on the floor next to my bed.

Sanna? I called softly.

He jolted awake and sprang to his paws, his pupils narrowed and alert. After a second he realized there was no danger and looked at me. Hey, you okay?

I snorted, Aye, there's just a wyvern sleeping on my floor.

Sanna gave me a sharp grin, It was my turn for guard duty.

I wacked his head with my tail, Well consider yourself sacked then, no guard of mine sleeps on the job.

Sanna laughed and shook out his mane, Dinner started a bit ago, are you hungry?

I stepped down from my bed and puffed air at his ears, making them twitch. Starved.

Walking next to Sanna in dragon form was a little strange. Imagine a lion walking next to a horse, granted this lion is blue with a longer body and this horse has horns and wings, but the size difference was still about the same.

On the way to the dining hall, Sanna was very quiet. I almost asked him what was wrong when I remembered a detail from last night. I had been in so much pain and he had touched me, his song had been so loud in my head that I couldn't take it. I'd screamed at him. That had to have shaken him a bit.

I'm sorry, Sanna, I said, not sure how to bring it up another way.

He looked at me, For what?

For last night. I yelled at you and you were only trying to help.

Sanna shook his head, You do not need to apologize, Sūrya, I should have known better. I was just so worried about you that I forgot how terrifying it is the first time, and how anything and everything that is added to the experience only makes it worse.

I almost wanted to tell him about the songs, how the music meant things, how each one was different. But there was still much I didn't understand about it. Why did Nisvārtha have a whole symphony instead of three instruments? Why did he have voices for his song? Why did it seem like I have two gifts instead of one?

I sighed internally and said nothing. It wasn't time, not yet.

Sanna made me laugh by balancing his tray of food on his head. I figured out how to carry my tray with my tail, it was to versatile that I could curl it around and grip the tray pretty well.

I still had energy when we finished eating so Sanna took me on a walk. After a few minutes though, Sanna got bored.

Hey, I have an idea! he dashed in front of me and crouched playfully, his yellow eyes glittering. How about we race around the temple? Your new body would probably love a good run.

I snorted, No bloody way! I'm not racing you, it wouldn't be fair!

You can't know that! he argued.

I gave him a look, Earth dragon.

He looked away, Okay fine, but can we race anyway? Please? I will give you a head start! Come on, Kendra, no one will ever race with me!

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