Starbucks Coffee

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Class: EAPP 1500

Type: Descriptive Paragraph

This was really hard to write, but here you go. Hope you guys like it. =)


                                                         Starbucks Coffee

            During wintertime, the best place to chill at is Starbucks Coffee. The chilliness and breeze of winter brings you a thirst of coffee. Every time you walk in, you would feel the wind blowing in from the door that closes behind you. A fresh breath of air is all you need in the warm atmosphere. You follow the bronze walls and floor. Patrons are sitting and chattering. Maybe some laughing. Employees greet with a smile and take orders from customers. Walking up to the mahogany corner, there are a variety of menu choices you can choose from alternative coffees to other sweets. The coffee roam swirls in the coffee cup while whip may twirl under plastic lids. The steam from the hot coffee brings an aroma of warmness and calmness. You smile in relief that you are not shaking from the cold while enjoying your warm cup of coffee. Feeling the ease that sparks in your veins which makes you feel like you are at home.

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