What They Think of You

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(Y/n) is truly a stubborn person. She hardly ever listens to my requests and insists on going on missions even though she isn't anywhere close to ready.

However, there is something enchanting about her. Perhaps it's the determined look she gives when she's training or how her eyes shine when she happy.

Whatever it may be, I'm completely attracted to her.


(Y/n) is one of the kindest people I've ever met. They almost don't belong with us, but at the same time, they bring everyone together.

Its no surprise that I'm smitten, honestly. The only surprising thing is that (Y/n) hasn't noticed yet.


(Y/n) is probably the sexiest person ever. She's confident in herself, can kick some serious ass, and she's a Jashin worshipper! What more could you ask for?

The only problem is that she's so fucking oblivous to all the hints I'm dropping. I was positive writing her name in blood would've done the trick...


I don't really know what's going on in my head. (Y/n) is extremely smart and beautiful, but her good heart worries me. As much as I want to be with her I'm positive she doesn't want the same.

However I will continue to admire her, and maybe even try and win her over.


The only thing I can say about (Y/n) is that she's amazing all around. We train together all the time and she's one of funniest people in the base.

She's beautiful too, which is just a bonus. It's honestly almost too good to be true. I'll definitely make her mine.


(Y/n) is a wonderful person. She has a very kind heart and doesn't deserve what's happened to her.

Even though I know I couldn't possibly be hers, there's still a nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me to try, and I'm so tempted to listen.


I love how into my art (Y/n) is. I'd never tell her, but I know that she had followed me to watch the shows. That's why I put on such good shows, and why I kept coming, I needed to see her.

Also she always sticks around me when I'm at the base. Probably because I'm always getting hurt, but either way its quality time with her.

If I had one chance to get her, I'd take it in a heart beat! There's no way I'm letting anyone get between us, un!


In a professional manner I find (Y/n) amazing. She is always early, has no trouble getting the job done, no matter the difficulty, and has an incredible sense of loyalty towards us.

In an unprofessional manner however, I can't answer clearly. She's gorgeous, there's no denying that. And her professional attitude towards missions is very attractive. I have this desperate feeling that I need to have her for myself, and I plan on acting on it.


Tobi loves (Y/n)! She always treats me nicely and wants to spend time with me! (Y/n) is a good girl!

On a serious note, I truly do care for her and her safety. She always takes care of others and since she's been here she's put the others health above her own. She reminds me of Rin and I want nothing more than to protect her.


I just adore (Y/n)-chan! She's adorable and is very careful with our plants. She even tries to get along with us and I couldn't help but find that cute.

(Y/n) isn't as bad as I had originally thought. She does try and make us talk to her, however I have no reason to answer her. I will agree with White Zetsu, she is adorable.

And we promise not to eat her!

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