Quitting the Guard Part 1

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~~Adam's Point of View~~

"-And above all else-" The captain of the guard, Quinto, continued to chew me out. I didn't really care though, somehow I'm always the one that ends up getting chewed out at the end of patrol, even when I did nothing wrong!

I stood at attention, just like the rest of the guards. Our captain, Quinto, continued to give us orders. We were standing outside of Sylage Village, preparing for patrol and just like always, I was barely paying attention to a thing he was saying.

It's not that I don't like Quinto, he's actually a really cool guy! It's just that the guard is so boring! Basically all we ever did was get ready for patrol and try and fail to catch the best thieves in the Village, Overwatch. They were given their name due to the way they acted similar to characters from the very popular book series Overwatch. (This game has consumed my life O_O) The female looking character acted giddy and happy like Tracer, the red-head with the scarf seemed to be like a mixture of both Mercy and Widowmaker for he always stopped to make sure everyone was okay on his team, had a keen eye for danger and made sure that no one got killed, and finally, the one with the squirrel hoodie acted like Mei who was smart and liked to make people laugh a lot a long with the rest of his team. Well it was either that or the one nicknamed Mei would sometimes yell "MEI IS BAE!" out loud after a successful theft. As Quinto continued to give orders I decided to tune him out, he was probably just talking about the same crap he always did.

"SKY!" I jolted up as I heard someone yell my nickname in my face while yelling my usual "WEEOOO!" scream. I calmed down and saw Quinto staring right at me. I was in trouble once again. 'Great going Sky!' I thought to myself. I quickly calmed myself down and stood at attention.

  "Yes captain?" I quickly asked he glared at me before asking, "Where are you supposed to patrol today?" Crap! I searched my brain do an answer while opening and closing my mouth like a fish. I continued to stutter until suddenly the village bell rang. Everyone stood at attention while Quinto's attention turned toward the village. If that bell rang then that meant that Overwatch had been seen and that the guard was needed immediately. Quinto quickly told everyone to fan out and search. Once everyone left I quickly took a sigh of relief. 'Saved by the bell' I thought as I grabbed my budder sword and ran into the village.

As I ran around I could here yelling from an alleyway. I couldn't exactly make out what they were saying but i decided to sneak around using the walls for cover. As I kept going the yelling became more clear until I could here every word.

"-Why did you even steal a chicken!" One of the voices yelled, I could tell that it was a boy's voice.

"Well excuse me Mr. 'Let's steal a scarf so that I can look like Papyrus from Undertale!' " Another boy yelled.

A third voice chimed in as well but it was female. "Both of you cut it out! Although he did want to look like Papyrus, he also stole it because it was freezing! And he's right, I get that we literally have to steal in order to survive but, WHY A CHICKEN!?" I was trying so hard not to laugh at that final sentence, but if I did it would blow my cover. I slowly peaked past the wall and made sure no one could see me. I quickly covered my mouth to suppress a gasp. Standing in front of me was all three members of Overwatch with the one in the squirrel hoodie holding a chicken while showing puppy dog eyes to his comrades. I couldn't quite see there faces but I could at least tell who was talking now. I gripped my budder sword tighter and slowly inched towards them.

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