Chapter One: Moving

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It was a beautiful summer day, the wind acting as a proxy for the sun. The wind made the day cool, not too hot not too cold. you had just moved into your apartment in Galway, Ireland the day before and you didn't have many things inside of it, including food so you decided to go for a walk around town. You were dressed in plain attire, nothing to fancy but nothing to sluggish either. On your walk, you see a farmer's market and you decide to check the place out. You walk around, unflagging friendly faces all around. while walking around you notice that the owners of each stand didn't stunt in the amount of produce that they had supplied.

You pick up some tomatoes and lettuce to make a small salad for dinner. But while you looked around, to no avail did you find any carrots or cucumbers. Before going to purchase your items you walk by the other booths that were divergent to the rest of the booths. Realizing that these booths had nothing of interest you walk back to the main section of booths. Walking past the booth that abuts the rest of the booths together you reach the checkout line. You purchase your fresh produce and you walk the short walk back to your apartment.

You reached your apartment doors and was a little zoned out from your walk and you weren't looking where you were heading and you and bumped into someone you look up to see the person you just ran into and you are faced with a tall, skinny guy with dark brown hair and beautiful dark blue eyes, "I am so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going" you say completely shocked. He looked down at you and he says, "It's okay". You both do that cliché thing where you bend down to pick up the groceries you dropped and your forehead hit his. You both reach up for your foreheads and giggle a bit at the cliché. You both look at each other and nullify any chance of another apology. You had a strange feeling about this man. You figured that he would become a close crony of yours.

"Here you go," the mystery man says holding out your groceries, ""

"Lea," you reply shyly, "and thank you".

"No problemo," the man said giving you a sweet smile, "my name is Sean but you can call me Jack".

"Well thank you Jack"

The man looked awfully familiar to you but you just couldn't place where you had seen him from.

That is when it hit you.

Literally, a brick from above plummeted down towards the earth and bonked you on the head. 

Hi I'm sorry this chapter is short but I wanted to see what people think this is my first book and I'm kinda new to this paragraph stuff so sorry if the paragraphs are long and well I wanted to know what you guys think of my story i will probably post another part either tonight or tomorrow
Hope you enjoy my story

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