Her secret

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(Y/N)'s p.o.v

I can't be up here any longer. I just can't take it! I need to go home. Someone's waiting for me... I hope. But what if they aren't? What if something bad happened? I sigh and continue walking. This silence is painfully awkward. And this flamethrower is breaking my back, yet again. I drop it on the group and gesture Chris to pick up. He looks at me with a confused look and I smile slightly. "I've been breaking my back carrying this for so long, so i think it's your turn." I say. He raises his eyebrows and his lips begin forming a smile, that quickly fades when we hear voices. He grabs the flamethrower and we keep walking, towards the voices of our friends. I feel so bad for Chris, he just lost the love of his life and here I am being a jerk. Maybe I'll talk to him about it later, when we're safer.
    "Helloo? (Y/N)?" we both turn as we hear this to see Jess, Mike and Sam. Jess smiles at us and Mike just looks at Jess. Sam, however, looks at the ground, and doesn't make a sound. We all start walking again and Sam just completely ignores any conversation. When she finally makes any form of eye contact with any of us, it's with Chris, and she shoots his the most apologetic look I've ever seen. Chris replied with a weak smile and turned away.

~Time skip~

We finally arrive at the cave and we all sit down so we can eat something. Nobody talks. At all. I've been in some awkward situations but this really takes the cake.
    "So, uhm, how is everyone?" I say in an attempt to strike up a conversation. Sam says nothing, and continues to just, stare, out into the distance.
    "I'm pretty good." Mike replies, realising how desperate I was for some form of communication. Jessica nods and says that she's good too. I turn around to Chris, who's reading a horror novel.
   "What about you, Chris?" And without even looking up from his book he replies with,
    " Miserable thanks." Mike sighs at this and goes to talk to his grieving friend.
    "(Y/N), I'm going for a walk, are you coming?" Sam says as she stands up. We all stop what we're doing and look at Sam in shock.
   "Um, yeah sure." I reply, slowly standing up. I honestly wanted to get out of the damp, smelly cave for a while. It was day so we decided to leave the flamethrowers at the cave. Sam starts walking and I slowly walk beside her. As I open my mouth to start asking her what's up she speaks.
    "It's all my fault, (Y/N), everything. Ashley, what happened with Josh, Hannah and Beth too. God I'm such an idiot." I stare at her, confused as to how she'd be to blame. She proceeds to explain how she couldn't stop ashley from killing herself, how she never spotted something was wrong with josh, despite being so close to him. She told me about the prank that was pulled on Hannah, and how she never did enough to get them to stop. And how Hannah and Beth died.
     "It's not your fault. You and Chris, are both blaming yourselves for what's going on. Neither of you are to blame though. I promise you. I know somethings that none of you do, things I wish I had said before."  I begin to go off topic. I shake my head. "Come on, let's go back. I think I'm ready to tell you all what I know."

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