Chapter 6 - |Krystle|

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Krystle woke up the next morning to a headache she was way too familiar with. Her left palm immediately went up to her forehead as she winced and squinted her eyes from the almost blinding light of the morning sun coming through her fifteen foot windows. She figured since she lived on the fifteenth floor, she didn't need blinds. For one the window was way too damn big to have any. But boy did she wish she had some automatic ones or something. It was just too damn bright.

Groaning in pain, she flipped back the covers and dragged herself out of the bed and towards the bathroom. She knew for certain how she got her headache and could recount most of the night up until her fifth vodka shot. With Coco disappearing  for most of the night to God knows where and with God knows who to Audrey suddenly leaving, she decided to stay out. Let loose, something she hadn't done in a while.

Once she had let go of all inhibitions, everything else was all a blur.

Grabbing hold on to the bathroom sink, she peaked at herself in the mirror and twisted her face. She looked a hot ass mess. Her hair was all kinds of all over the place, make-up smeared looking like she went playing in the rain and what was that on her neck? She leaned closer in the mirror only to loudly gasp.

How the fuck did she get a hickie?! She definitely had some questions for Coco.

God, she really had to stick to her limit. Sighing in defeat, Krystle looked at the digital clock on the far end of her sink. She had an hour to get herself ready, cover the hickie and head into work. Hell, she would have taken a day off but she could never allow herself to do that especially when there was so much work to do.

Krystle stared at herself a little longer.

It was going to be a long ass fucking day.


"Well, Good morning Sunshine!" Coco greeted to Krystle when he'd seen her step off the office floor elevators. Krystle still had on her shades with a large coffee in her hand from a little shop up the street. She stopped dead in her tracks and used her free hand to cover her forehead. Why the hell did he have to be so loud? And why was he so damn...energetic? She swore he drunk as much as she did.

"Coco, your voice." Krystle pointed out in a slight agitated tone. She already didn't want to be there. "You are way to happy this morning and its making my headache ten times worse." She finished beginning the walk to her office with Coco right on her tail.

"Well, you wouldn't be able to blame me after I tell you why."

"Mm, after you tell me what the hell happened last night." She said walking through the door of her office. She headed straight for her desk, plopped her purse on ground beside it, not even bothering to put it on the coat rack that was only a few feet from her.

But of course Coco was on it. He picked up her purse, putting it in its usual spot, grabbed the shades she flung on the couch and tossed her coffee. He knew she was gonna want something a little stronger to combat her headache. As much as he was one of her closest friends, he was still her assistant and a damn good one at that. He just so happened be able to do both.

"Oh honey, you don't remember? Your ass got lit, and I mean sloppy drunk. I mean shoving your tongue down strangers throat-,"

"Please tell me male," she interrupted.

Coco busted out a laugh, "In a gay club? chile please."

"Kill me now!" Krystle groaned putting her head in the palms of her hands.

"No wait, don't die. I'm not done yet." He sat down in the chair across from her and crossed his leg over top of the other. "Let me see, ah, yes! Tongue shoving, spit swapping. Oh! You did body shots on the bar, giving and receiving, you danced on top of the bar with your tits out-,"

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