Truth or Dare 1

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"ok well I'll see you guys later" Nico said as he got up, ready again, to dash out before Thalia tripped him.
"You, little cousin, are going no where"
"Wonderful." he said, slumping back into his seat.
"oh come on guys, ok. I'll start. it'll go like this, Jason, truth or dare?" Piper led, turning to her boyfriend.
"oh! um truth" he hesitated
"when is the last time you've showered?" he breathed a sigh of relief at the easy question and answered smoothly
"this morning."
"ok, now," Piper said, addressing the group, "Jason would ask someone else. doesn't matter who, got it?" everyone nodded.
"ok.. Percy, truth or dare?"
Percy hesitated before answering "truth.. no wait dare!" Jason smiled and told him that his first answer what the official answer.
"oh and if you refuse a dare you remove an article of clothing. if you refuse a truth you have to kiss someone in the circle" Piper added with a glint in her eye.
Percy cursed at this under his breath as Jason asked his first question
"when is the last time you've had sex?" Percy got red in the face as he cleared his throat and answered
"um.. er.. this morning" he coughed into his fist as annabeth laughed, her face turning red as she grabbed Percy's hand and he looked at her gratefully. "oh yeah um okay my turn" Percy said, his face still bright red. "Piper McLean!"
"dare" she smiled, thinking Percy couldn't possibly think of anything that bad.
"take Jason's shirt off-"
"easy!" Piper said before Percy stopped her
-"with your mouth"
Jason's eyes got wide as Piper turned red.
"can I choose truth?"
"nope! either that or take off an article of clothing. your rule"
the group started to laugh as Piper groaned.
"fine!" she said, everyone thinking she would just do the dare. they were wrong. Piper, wearing only a tee shirt under overalls slowly slipped off the overall straps and stripped off her tee shirt, revealing her black, lacey bralette; then put the straps back on her shoulders. Jason's eyes got wide and Percy started cackling as the group chuckled, all being thankful it wasn't them.
"okay okay calm down - frank!" Piper called out, shushing the group up "truth or dare?"
frank looked startled to have his name called
"truth?" he hesitantly answered, looking at hazel for support.
"why haven't you kissed hazel?" hazel rolled her eyes at the question and frank gulped and looked down.
"well.. I guess I'm just waiting for the right moment.." the group awed loudly as Hazel took his hand and leaned against his chest.


hi guys!! this chapter is short and I just want to publish something so I'm going to go get ice cream then either write another chapter or write one tomorrow!
love you guys!

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