Hermione watched as Draco got to his need and brought out a ring - was she imagining this, was it a joke? The look in his eyes convinced her that he was for real. Hermione's eyes began to water from happiness and slowly she held out her left hand where Draco placed a ring.

"I love you Draco" she whispered as she brought her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"As I love you" he replied. Suddenly the whole house erupted in cheers.

Several of their friends patted Draco on the back and congradulated him. Hermione turned to where she had last seen Whitney only to find she was gone.

"When is the wedding?" Harry and Luna spoke as they made their way over to them.

"Well it all depends how fast we can set it up. If you guys want to help its okay with us." Draco replied.

Blake and his girlfriend made it through the crowd, they had just arrived.

"I heard you two are engaged"

"You heard right" Draco replied. "You missed it by 2 minutes."

"Yeah I know I had trouble finding your place and might I say it looks like a castle." Blake said.

"This is where we are going to have the wedding, we have a magnificent garden in the back yard that is the perfect place."

"Have you guys thought about having children yet?" Luna asked. "I bet they would be really cute."

Draco and Hermione exchanged looks, they both knew that they never fully discussed a family so this could get interesting.

"Well I always imagined a boy and a girl" Draco spoke up. "The girl would look like her mother and the boy like myself."

Hermione quickly embraced Draco and they went into a passionate kiss. Fred and George wolf whistled causing them to jump apart and blush.

"Wedding is tomorrow" Hermione shouted before she went back to kissing Draco.

"Why tomorrow" Draco asked curiously.

"Because I can't wait to start a family with you"

Draco pulled Hermione close and they began kissing again. A loud crash outside pulled them apart and everyone went outside to see what it was.  A car had crashed into the giant stone pillar by the gates.

"Hey Draco isn't that Whitney's car?" Blake asked.

His eyebrows pulled together into a stressed look. "I don't know but I wonder if she is okay?"

Blake took off at a run towards the car and looked inside. He sniffed the air before his eyes widened and he took several steps back before running. Seconds later he dove to the ground and covered his head as the car exploded into flames. A piece of metal shrapnel flew from the car and stabbed into the ground two inches from his head. Blake looked up and his eyes widened as big as saucers.

"I don't think she is okay?" Hermione whispered.

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