The Hunt

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We landed several hours later. It was around lunchtime so I prepared to sit around for a few hours while the others went to hunt. I would have been more annoyed if I wasn't hurting so much.

"Hey, Kendra!" I looked up to see Sanna walking over, pulling his extra clothes off as he did.

I gave him a smile and waved, "Hey, what's up?" I had already stripped down to my regular clothes, Suruli's dress was neatly folded on the ground near where I was sitting.

He grinned, "Not me anymore, thank Kallu for that." He laid down on the earth next to me, "I may have faced my fear, but I still hate flying."

I laughed, "Well there's nothing wrong with that."

He gave a happy sigh before turning to look at me, "I need to run on solid ground for a bit so I am going on a hunt, would you like to join me?"

I stared at him in shock, "Me? I'm no hunter, I'll more than likely get in your way."

Sanna shrugged and put his arms behind his head, "I disagree. Besides, it would be nice to have company, and I could teach you how to prepare the kill."

I didn't say anything. I wasn't sure what to do, his logic was sound, but even I knew that hunting isn't something to take on lightly.

"Kendra!" I turned to look at Śarat who was waving me over urgently.

"Hold that thought," I said to Sanna before getting up and going over to Śarat.

"Sit down, Kendra," she said, her green eyes sparkling with mischief. "Let me give you a friendly bit of advice." Her voice became serious and she put a hand on my shoulder, "Go with the blue furball."

I blinked, very confused. "Why?"

Śarat just pulled me to my feet and pushed me back towards Sanna, "Just trust me, go!"

I sighed and shook my head at the ridiculous wyrm. When I reached Sanna he gave me a hopeful grin before I said, "Fine, I'll go."

His grin stretched impossibly wider and he quickly hopped off the ground and went to go shift.

Nisvārtha came over while I was waiting, he hadn't shifted back yet so he stood well over my head, large as a horse. Are you sure this is wise, Kendra? he asked.

I looked at him, he seemed tense, and was still having trouble looking at me. He wasn't happy that I was going, probably thought it was stupid and reckless, but I appreciated him trying to be civil anyway.

I shrugged, "Maybe not, but I need to learn this."

I'm sure he would have said something else but Sanna came up, his yellow eyes ablaze with excitement. Ease your worries, old friend, he said. No harm will come to her.

Nisvārtha just sighed and walked away.

* * * *

Riding Sanna again was fun, a nice change from the hours of flying, but it was dissatisfying. Imagine riding the big roller coaster and then downgrading to the spinning teacups, it's just not as exciting.

As we raced over the land, I noticed things I hadn't last time I ran with Sanna. The air smelled richer, I could taste the water of a stream nearby, I could hear the wing beats of birds high above us, and I could smell the blood of a large animal.

I pointed to the east, Sanna, there's something that way.

His ears pricked up as he turned, How do you know that?

I can smell it.

He chuckled, Looks like your fledgling skills are coming in. What do you smell exactly?

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