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Prologue: Accidents Usually Happen on Purpose

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So This is a story that I first put on here and I kind of stopped because I had no idea what to do with it. But now I got A beginning, middle, and end. And I'm determined to finish this because I'd like to have the accomplishment of finnishing a story. So I have decided to re-edit the first three chapters of the story, but keep the prolouge the same. So I will probably put an edited chapter 1 up today and I hope my retry at this story goes good, because I really like it, and I hope you will too!



Prologue: Accidents Usually Happen on Purpose

Chapter Song: Eskimo by Damien Rice

(Third Person)

The air is frigid and freezing as the nighttime winds of Manhattan sway Cloe's body.He wraps his arms around himself debating whether or not he should go through with his plan. A single tear falls down his face and wonders many things like, why me?How stupid do I look up here? has anyone caught on?Does that mean they'll stop me?Should they stop me?. Tormenting himself as the questions grew in his mind.

He is generally a smart person,but in this moment of time he was a particularly stupid person. Why? Well because he was a broken man,he was so torn that you couldn't see the writing that was left of his well thought out story. The way his lithe body frame withered away on top of Bear Mountain Bridge showed exactly how properly broken he was.

Now before he decided to end his life, Cole injected heroin into his pretty purple and blue veins bulging out for just one taste. At the moment when he took it he was thinking, I'm going to kill my self and people OD on heroin all the time. So that's why he is here, because it didn't work,hes still alive. That's not an acceptable answer for him right now. Although he probably should have known that it would be more likely for him to OD if he injected more,but I guess its just fate.

Cole is a very broken 19 year old boy, however you can't really blame him I mean the past two days have been hell,and all the problems that build up to these past two days were slowly breaking him. It is Now his final hour,he has decided that enough is enough. So when the convulsions started he knew that this was the end, this was his final breath of life he was going to take as he leaped of the bridge into murky below freezing water. Then a miracle happened. 

"Hey sir! Dude please come down! err hello don't kill yourself, your better than that!" A voice that was like golden liquid melting into his mind. It came from below and he thought that angels were usually higher but maybe this time it was different.

Those few words that the stranger from below with glistening white blond hair that was long and flew in the wind,had changed his decision. Your better than that was so simple that the stranger at the time thought she was even doing a lousy job at saving this young man who was about to take his life. But in his mind it meant the world, it meant that someone believed in him.

"Will you catch me?!" He screamed into the wind and held onto the light post as tight as he could as the convulsions grew stronger,and the nausea hit harder.

"Of course," she screamed back,"but hurry please!" The stranger turned her head to the crowd of people and told someone to call an ambulance. Cole really hoped someone did because he was feeling sicker by the second.

Now Cole jumped of his post into the shaky girls arms, knocking her to the ground. "Sorry," he grumbled and convulsed some more.

"Your okay your going to be okay, you will fight this," she whispered into his ear quiet and soothingly.

"Miss?" Another voice joined the fray of voices behind him. "The ambulance is on its way."

So Cole sat in the warm embrace of this beautiful stranger and he knew that because of her,he would be okay.

(*Title Credit to the Song Jumper by Third Eye Blind)

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