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 a r c h e

i didn't see jupiter until two days after my encounter with mars.

i'd lounging on my couch with a large popcorn, flicking through netflix, trying to decide between watching arrow or reign. before i could decide, i heard a soft knock on the door, like the person knocking was doing so against their better judgement. i patted down the spill of gold flowing down my back and fixed my pajama bottoms before swinging open the door -- only to reveal jupiter, wearing a peacoat, a beanie and looking too sheepish (adorable) for someone who was supposedly mad at me.

"hey," i say tentatively, softly, feeling like i was walking on eggshells. the mere sight of him warmed my heart, but part of me was still terrified that he was still upset. and terrified to think of where that would leave us.

"hey, eloise," he says, and part of me instantly misses the nickname i'd gotten so used to hearing, el. he rocks back and forth on the balls of his feet, clears his throat. "can i come in?"

i startle, realizing that i'd been staring. i open the door wide and allow him to brush past me. the scent of spicy cologne and aftershave lingers in my nose and the familiarity of it leaves a pang of longing in my chest.

i shut the door and follow him inside, aware that i was wearing my skimpy tank top and way-too-big pajama bottoms, that my hair was a mess atop my head, that the first time jupiter comes into my house and it's a complete disaster. absentmindedly, i pull my hair into a bun using the hair band on my wrist.

and because i don't deal well with awkward silences, i shrug helplessly and say, "this is where the magic happens."

a half-smile glosses his lips and because he's jupiter and i am absolutely head over heels for him, the mere sight of it makes me smile, too.

"i'm sorry," he blurts, the tips of his ears flushing pink, "about what happened. at the diner. i didn't mean to snap at you. it's just . . . it's hard for me to talk about, and honestly . . . i was hoping that it'd never come up."

before i can think better of it, i step forward, and take his hands in my own. shaking my head, i say, "i know that it's hard to tell the truth sometimes, alright? i get that but . . . you can't have a strong foundation to a friendship or a relationship without the truth. everything is tied to the truth in some way. it sucks but that's just how life is.

"i care about you. a lot, actually. and i want to be in your life, in any way i can. but i need the truth, jupe. i'd never judge you for what's happened in the past, okay? you know that."

he visibly exhales and leans his forehead against mine. "i know," his eyes flutter shut. "i am so lucky to have in my life, el."

i smile, and squeeze his hands.

he's silent.

then, "i'm ready to tell you the truth. all of it."

* * *

y'all have to wait until next chapter for the details. #sorrynotsorry. but i gave you some #jeloise fluff to make up for it. (someone come up with a better shipname asap, pls thanks).

happy thanksgiving to those of you celebrate it. see you tomorrow.


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