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i am a little spaced out the next day, my thoughts jumbled as i go through the my day. the end of my shift comes all too soon and jupiter is waiting for me outside like he usually is. his cheeks are red from the cold and a beanie covers his forehead and a scarf covers his nose and mouth.

still he pulls it down long enough to drop a swift kiss on my cheek before he hustles me across the street and into the diner, claiming that his nose was merely seconds away from falling off. i am quiet though as we order and as the waiter drops off our food. i wrap my hands around my mug, taking a sip of the scalding hot coco.

"el, are you okay?" jupiter asks, brows furrowed, looking like he wants to reach for my empty hand but thinks better of it.

"i need to talk to you, actually," i say, swallowing back the emotion caught in my throat and prying my gaze away form my mug to his eyes.

"me too," he looks uncertain, but says "ladies first," nonetheless.

"y-yesterday, when i went into the bathroom to wash my hands, the mirror cabinet was cracked open a-and i saw a . . . box of appetite suppressants."

his jaw clenches and his face pales.

"it was an accident, i - i swear. it's just," i trail off, trying to find a way to put my thoughts into words. "i'm worried about you, okay? you haven't been eating much lately ― you hardly touched your plate yesterday ― and i just ― "

"you had no right," he interrupts, his voice  flat and hard in a way that is so unlike him it terrifies me. "no right, to go through my belongings." he gets to his feet, his eyes ice-cold as he grabs his hat and scarf off the table.

"jupiter, wait ― "

but he was already pivoting on his heel and walking away faster than i could follow. it was almost like he was never there to begin with.

* * *

a/n: i was gonna update again but then i decided not to because leaving y'all on cliffhanger is ten times more fun. (btw, it's all going to go downhill after this. #sorrynotsorry)

quick question -- can you guys see the gifs i put? wattpad keeps deleting hem for some reason idk.

anywho, i'll be back with a new update . . . soon enough, hopefully.

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