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c a r m e

"dear lord, i'm swooning," nova said, after i'd told her about the date, the dinner and, most importantly, the kiss that sealed the magical night.

"it was certainly amazing," i say, picking up a pillow off my bed and hugging it to my chest. i find a loose string in the pillow case and toy with it. "can i ask you something?"

nova tosses a cheeto in the air and catches it between her teeth. she breaks off a piece before saying, "step into my office."

"what if," i say, "hypothetically that you knew something about a friend. or you thought you knew something about a friend. something bad, like,they're in a bad place or they're harming themselves or," my words trailed off into a frustrated groan. i couldn't find the right words to explain without giving jupiter's secret away. it wasn't mine to tell after all. "you get what i mean?"

one of her brows arched, and she nodded. it was good enough so i continued. "what would you do? if you knew something
you shouldn't but you want to help them anyways?"

nova propped her feet up on the table, and
pursed her lips all while giving me a knowing look, "hypothetically speaking,
it doesn't matter how you found out really. what matters is that you try to help them.
they may not want it but it's for their own good." she paused and a sad look flitted across her features."if you found out accidentally, then you're not at fault. if not, i know you had good intentions. you've got this heart of gold, el. and if they can't see that, then they're idiots."

"so what you think i should do?"

"confront them. gently. have patience. try to help."she gets up form the couch and plops down next to me."and don't wait too long.don't make the same mistakes i did, el."

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