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Dear Wattpadders😘,

▶️This story is mine and only mine!! (possessive much?) why not... It's not written just simply it comes from lots of thoughts and hardwork... Therefore

▶️️All rights are reserved, this belongs to the owner - Sumaiya Ahmad Khan, therefore any manipulation, redistribution, unauthorised copying is a violation of the terms of copyrights, it is a punishable offense.

▶️So, you are warned do not copy.....

▶️The pictures I've added of twilight characters are obviously not mine and is of the deserving person who took it...

▶️Also this story was written when I was 14... And I keep editing and editing and editing and okay...😂 I keep editing to meet the best I can do.... Therefore the starting chapter might be a bit stuck up English but the latter are quite better with wordings and reading flow...



💞"Immature love says
'I love you
I need you' .
Mature love says
'I need you
I love you'." 💞

Words used : 623

Note to all readers

➡️You can skip this part and start with the story straight away.. It won't disturb your flow....

➡️The characters are reintroduced again in a detailed manner...

➡️The casts have been done to make things tad bit more interesting.. That's can just read through if you are curious...

➡️You are not required to sit and remember all... I promise if u leave this part you still won't be left hanging... The story will continue with same enthusiasm as intended of me to provide at my best level...

➡️The house map which is included below also will be added wherever required... With as apt discription as my abilities let me do...

🌺Best of luck.
Hopefully you will like and enjoy it...🌺

❤️Thanks very much for choosing to read this book.... Let's start yeah??❤️ 😏

Thank you.. 😁


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