Pain & Love

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There is a pain so deep inside,

only she can feel.

A sense of fear and weakness

Which she didn't feel in her old self

She misses her old self

The one who was more innocent

The one who believed in love,

but she's gone and lost...

She's lost all sense of control.

She slips into a deep sleep

In which she has dreams,

But see, her dreams turn into nightmares.

Nightmares filled with Hate.

And when she wakes from the nightmares

She looks in the mirror,

she hates what she see's

So she turns to the blade.

Tries to numb the pain,

but it only makes it worse.

It only makes life more painful...

Until someone shows her a light.

A light only she can decide over.

She wants a way out.

but it's just so hard to get up and reach it

To reach the love that's out there

She just wants someone to listen,

Someone to be there for her.

But she is blinded by the pain

she can't see when someone is there

She needs someone who will stay there,

even if she is blind.

And be there when she wakes up...

by Ashley G.

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