Draco and Hermione were up at Malfoy Manor setting up for the party. They had put charms on any magic item that would make it seem invisible or look like a muggle contraption depending on what it was. All the books that were to do with the wizarding world now looked like muggle books and encyclopedias. All potion ingrediants and cauldrons and anything like that simply was charmed to disappear to the muggle eye.

Draco had invited over the friends he made during the last few months that was the war. He just had an announcement to give them.

"I'd like to thank those that were able to make it tonight. I am sure you know that this party isn't going to have just witches and wizards but some of our muggle friends too so I want you to know that speaking of magic and anything like that is forbidden as well as using spells to play pranks on them." Draco said, eyeing Fred and Goerge.

"Why does everyone always look at us when it comes to pranks." Fred laughed.

"Maybe because you are a jokester Frederic" Fluer said her words heavy with a French accent.

Fred and Fleur had been together since the funeral for his brothers. It was a sad moment and Fleur was their comforting him every step of the way. The two had even went out for dinner later that night and stayed out talking till early the next morning. George was somewhere in the crowed with Angelina Johnson they as well were together but had been for a longer period of time then his brother and Fleur.

"So when it comes to telling people when we met, just say a boarding school in the North and then direct the conversation towards them. Ask them where they met me or something. You get the drift."

After the conversation had ended slowly one by one people began showing up. Draco had his Ipod that he had bought playing some rock music as the muggles began entering the house. They looked around and it was obvious that they were impressed.  Draco and Hermione made their way around the crowed thanking people for coming and pointing them in the direction of the food they had cooked for the party.

"Hey Draco, I will be right back I am going to go and use the loo" Hermione said before walking off. Upstairs along the hall Hermione stopped as she felt like someone was following her. "Hello?" she called out. Shaking her head she walked towards her bedroom and entered it. As she came out of the loo she stopped as she saw Whitney standing before the door. "What are you doing in my bedroom?" She asked.

"I'm here to tell you that rumors are going around that Draco is proposing to you tonight and I want to tell you that bad things will happen if you say yes." Whitney threatened.

Hermione shook he head before she headed towards the door. "Move please" she murmered.

"Say it, say I will not marry Draco."

"Are you mad, do you hear yourself. If he wants to marry me then I will say yes, I love him and he loves me so get over it already." Hermione said pushing Whitney out from infront of the door and walking out.

Whitney walked after her and tackled her. The two tumbled down the stairs to floor below. Faces turned to look in their direction as Whitney was screaming at her.

"He is mine you stupid little bitch."

"Get off me your crazy freak." Hermione shouted

Draco pushed through the crowed and grabbed Whitney around her arms and threw her off of Hermione. Draco brought Hermione to her feet and embraced her. "You need to leave now. I will not have you treating my fiance like this in our home. We are no longer friends and you are no longer welcome here." Draco hissed.

Hermione's head snapped up towards Draco and eyed him with a look of confusion. "Fiance?" she questioned.

Draco looked at her and nodded, a smile on his face as he reached into his pocket and retrieved a ring box. Slowly her lowered to his knee before opening the small box that revealed a silver ring imbedded with green emerald stones.

"Marry me Hermione."

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