You Move Into the Base/Join the Akatsuki

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*As a heads up I wanted to let you know that I'm going to use she/her for everyone's S/o except Konan who will use them/they. Its easier for me to write honestly. I hope you all enjoy*


"Welcome." Was all he said as he brought you to a room in a far part of the base.

"Thanks.." You managed as you walked in and threw your bag on the bed.

"You can decorate it anyway you'd like. If you need anything my office is down the hall." He began to walk away before you stopped him.

"Wait! What am I supposed to do now?"

"Just go socialize, or stay here. It doesn't matter." He shrugged and left, leaving you to wander the base alone.

"Oi! Who the hell are you?" A voice rang and you turned on your heels quickly as two guys walked up and looked you over.

"Yeah, you don't look familiar, un." The blond one said.

"Yeah... I'm new..." You answered, unsure of the strange characters.

"Oh really?" The blond answered excitedly as he grabbed your hands. "Do you like art, hmm? I bet you'd love my sculptures. Just stay away from Sasori-danna."

"Hey Blondie, leave 'er alone!" The silver haired guy pulled him off and then grinned as he turned around excitedly.

"If anything, I bet she wants to know about Jashin-sama." They soon started arguing and you snuck away to hide out in your room as they searched for you.

"I'm never leaving this room again."


"Pein, I have things I need to discuss with you. Konan's soft voice spoke as she waited outside a large door. When their was an answer, she lead you inside and stood you in front of the menacing looking man.

"Konan, why did you bring an outsider here?" He asked, obviously surprised by her actions.

"They can be of use to us. (Y/n)'s sensory jutsu is pretty exceptional." You stood awkwardly as she convinced him on your skills.

"What village are you from?" He turned to you after they were done and jumped, having been lost in a day dream.

"I'm unaffiliated. I wasn't born in a village so I just kind of wander." You shrugged and he nodded as he continued to think it over.

"How many people are here right now?" He asked suddenly but you shugged and took a deep breath.

"As of now there's 4 other people in the base besides us. However there were 4 other people here before hand. And there's 6 people at the cafe down there, but 2 just left." You opened your eyes and Pein nodded as left the window he was looking out of to verify your claim.

You and Konan walked out and she took you to the room closest to hers.

"I can't wait to work together." She smiled and left the room, just as you hung the angle over your bed.


"Hidaaan~" You sang as you skipped towards your usual meet up spot. "I've arrived~" As you reached the pond you spotted his slicked back hair and ran towards him. He turned around with a proud grin and you stopped in your tracks.

"Yo, (Y/n), have I got a deal for you!" You approached carefully as a man with orange hair walked out from behind Hidan.

"So this is the ninja you can't stop talking about." He spoke and Hidan nodded happily.

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