Chapter 21

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Chapter 21:

My eyes snapped open and I was in the dark corridor again, but this time the floor was flooded with crimson, but it wasn’t blood, it was something else.

I walked to the double doors, the creatures’ eyes opened and that was all I could see. “welcome back.” It said. it felt wrong to be here, but somehow I always ended up here. I looked into its eyes.

“why do I keep coming back here?” I questioned.

It simply grinned and let out a laugh, as if mocking me. “because this is inside you. This my child is no dream, every time you come here, you come without choice and to come by choice is impossible.” It said.

“what are you?” I asked. It stopped laughing letting out a non-humorous chuckle.

“I'm the inner demon of you, the one she’s locked up in here along with those three flies. You see dear winter; I am your magic.” It said.

“I don’t understand. I don’t have magic.” I clarified. I would know if I had magic. This is all so confusing.

“you do, but you don’t remember. You see when you lose control, you loosen the seal on this door and free a piece of me.” it confirmed. “when you release a part of me, your hair turns white and snow begins to flow, and the only thing my piece will attempt to do is exterminate you, kill you and set me free, that is my purpose.” It explained.

“are you trying to tell me, all this stuff, magic and stuff, will try to kill me, although I am its master?” I questioned. that’s insane. Is this what is causing all the trouble in my life?

“yes. But if you can control it, it will be of no harm to you. But be warned, once you know this, it’s not over.” It said I furrowed my eyes in confusion,

“something dark id coming winter, darker than my inner desires.”  It said warningly. “okay keeping that in mind, I will show you how to control me, it is very simple.” It said.

“why won’t you kill me?” I asked.

“because my time to escape will come, very soon.” It said darkly. “but trust me now and after this fight we will go back to the way things were.” It said sternly. I nodded.

“okay, teach me.” I said.

“it’s very simple as I had said before, just think of those important to you and your goal in that moment, then you can control me.” it explained.

“that’s it?” I asked.

“yes, I told you it was simple.” I nodded. “well winter this is goodbye for now, and watch your back.” It warned, looking away, and I abruptly sat up, I opened my eyes only to be blinded by the room lights.

“thank god you’re okay, winter.” Zachary let out a breath of relief. His scent hit me hard and I couldn’t help but smell his strong cologne. I hugged him back smelling him a little.

“if you weren’t well, winter, you should’ve told me, I would have done something” he began getting serious and angry:

“yes, yes I will tell you next time now Zachary, I, really hungry can I go eat” I asked him pleadingly. He shook his head denying me of food. How cruel.

“you need to rest winter, I’ll tell one of the servants to prepare a meal for you, you just wait here.” He said. I prefer getting my own food, but I know arguing with Zachary will not get me anywhere.

I stayed seated as he left the room towards the kitchen. I sat silently looking around the guest bedroom. Soon my head began to pound as if someone, was trying to get in; and I know exactly who. Siren. soon I could hear his voice in my head. And to be honest I wish he died along with the ones he has taken. Killing innocent children, his own children and not only that, he did it right in front of me, can a man be ever so cruel?

“winter, dear winter, it seems you have given yourself to Zachary.” He said slyly. I kept silent. “I told you I'd hurt him if you didn’t stay away, and believe me that day is right now.”

Soon I was overtaken with darkness, and I just came back from darkness!. everything seemed like it never existed. As if it were only just a dream. And the only thing that lingered in my empty mi9nd was Zachary.

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