Part 61 💅

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You and Raph were sitting on the couch. You holding your baby in you arms like a cradle and Raph had his hand on your forearm. Mikey without you and raph looking took a picture of You two with the baby. A Big white flash filled the area. Raph's head looked up at mikey. "I couldn't help it. you two are so cute together. Its like a real life Beauty and the beast." "Can you not. You might wake up the baby." Raphael asked nicely. You were surprised. Usually he has an attitude towards Mikey. You mentally smiled. Raphael Takes morning shifts while You take night shifts. He needs to go fight crime and shit. So he cant do that while he's babysitting. He yawned as he laid back and relaxed. "Alright guys lets go." Leo commanded as he walked by the couch area where you were sitting. Raph rolled up off the couch. He kissed your forehead and he then followed behind Don after Leo. After they left you were sitting up and getting Your chest carrier in order. You strapped it onto the front of your chest and carefully put your baby in it, you had the face of the baby facing your breasts. You placed a little pink Beanie on its head so no one could see the babes Discolored Greenish skin. "y/n..Where are you going." You turned around to see where the voice came from. You see splinter walking over to you. YOu didn't want to lie to him. He was Raphael's father. Your childs Grandfather. And in a way, He was like your father. "I..I hurt someone. Earlier. And i just wanna make sure there okay." you told him ashamed. He pulled out a tea bag. "Here, give them this." You take it from him "Whats this?" "A special herb. It'll help." You looked down at the tea bag in your fingers then up to the innocent-eyed rat. :) "Thank you, Mr. Splinter." "Please, lets not be formal anymore. Call me, splinter." you smiled :D You walked up to him and hugged him. "Thank you..for everything." He closed his eyes and hugged you back. He looked at the baby as he let go of you. "Have you thought of a name yet?" he asked curious. "Yea but we haven't named her yet. I know most people think of baby names before hand but it such a decision." you complained a little. "It'll come to you." You smiled :) at him sincerely as you then turned around and left the turtles home.

Up on the roofs!~~
Raphael and his brothers just got done taking care of a small purple dragons issue. They sat down on the edge of a building. Don was looking through his binoculars. Leo always thought he was looking for crimes. But secretly he was being a Peeping tom. He was looking at woman undress through there windows. most windows were covered with curtains, so he would just watch the Black figures undress. (ikr...) "Hey I wanna see.." Mikey said making Grabbing motions with his hands. Donnie rolled his eyes as he looked down and gave the binoculars. "Mikey readjusting them. "Hey Leo..remember that Twin sister." "Y/n's twin?" "yea?" "Did she have a baby too?" "I wouldn't no. why?" "cause if its not her twin then y/n is sneaking out past bed time." "what.." Raph asked confused. "Yea she's right there." he pointed out as he was still looking through the binoculars. "lemme see." He gave the binoculars to Raph as he looked up at him. Raph squated and looked down through the Binoculars to see you. "Whats she doin' out here." He asked softly. He then shoved the binoculars at mikey and Jumped down to the building beside him. He then Jumped onto a telephone pole with the sole of his foot supporting himself as he then jumped onto a Semi-trailer and then onto the building across the street. his brothers watched him sneak over to the other side of the street where the hospital was. The baby started crying. You walked over to the front of the building against the brick. "Oh no no its ok baebee. shhh." you said sofly and sweetly. You rubbed the pink beanie Raph knitted on her head. Raph's eyes watched you vigorously. "what is she doin." He asked softly. you walked into the hospital building. "hello i'm here to see Angelina Preia." The woman looked through the computer "Alright here's a guest Pass and she's on floor 3 room 405." "thank you." you took the pass from her and walked to the elevator. Raphael put hand claws on his hands. He jumped from the short building he was on onto the tall hospital building. He slid down the building as Streaks of Sparks spurred off the metal against building. He watched you click on elevator button. You waited as he watched. Then you walked into the elevator pushing the third button. He saw the light above you light up Yellow on the Third floor light. He climbed up to the third floor window, waiting. Then you arrived on the third floor as the elevator doors opened with a ding. He looked slightly over the edge of the window. Then he followed you through each window. And some things..he wish he hadn't seen. He then saw you with Angelina in the bed. The baby was sleeping so you unhooked her from yourself and placed her on the bed Next to Angelina. He saw you crying. he felt bad for spying on you now. It was all just because you wanted to see your friend. But what was she doing in the hospital? You wiped away your tears as you kneeled down and took your friend's hand. "I'm so sorry.." you sobbed as you put your head on the bed balling your eyes out. Thank god their was door on this room. Your friend not moving, breathing was shallow. Then you grabbed your shoulder as the crying was irritating your wound. You slowly got up trying to not Agitated the thigh wound. You then hissed as you showed your teeth. You picked up your baby girl and kissed your comatose friend on the forehead. "I love you, angelina.. Please be better..quickly." your breathing was shaky. raphael climbed down the build and leaned against the building. Leonardo from across the street knew something was bothering him. He parcored across the street as did the brothers. People started surrounding them as they were walking towards their brother. They were surprised, and a bit frightened. Then they saw you about to walk out the doors so they used they're legs the best they could to jump over the small crowd and climbed up the building. Raphael did the same.

moments later~~

what happened? up there? leonardo asked. Raphael breathed out his nose "I'm not sure. Looked like angelina was hurt. Donnie looked away then back at raphael. "And i think y/n may be hiding something from me." "What how could you tell?" Mikey asked surprised. "She grabbed her shoulder in what looked like pain. I think we should go home.." raphael told his brothers. "Alright..Lets uh go home everyone." Leonardo Okay-ed.

You arrived home to see the turtles were home yet. you were relieved. "how was the hospital?" splinter asked. "it was..alright." your eyes were becoming warm and your face was hot. You felt like crying again. "excuse me.." you smiled the best you could as he nodded. You left for raphael's room. you opened the door to only hear the boys just come home, so you closed the door behind yourself hoping no one noticed. You unhook the baby from yourself and place her sleeping body down into the crib Donnie had made and Mikey decorated. you plopped yourself onto the bed to only forget your shoulder was injured. You yiped in pain as you rolled over to the side of your body that was hurt as your hand grabbed your shoulder. You rolled yourself up and walked over to raphael's mirror. You took off your polo and unwrapped your bandage. You were disgusted and grossed out by the new blood coming out of the old wound. Raphael opened the door as he looked down at the ground then up at you as he held a new package of binkie's that almost fell out of his hand to see the sight of you hurt like this. "oh. my..what happened to you?! Who did this! I'm gonna fucking kill them!" he said as he marched over to you. You looked down as you were on your side, neck turns towards him, your eyes looked down. You turned your body around to face yourself in the mirror. You could see him stand behind you in the mirror. he gently turned you around as his finger was placed under your chin. He looked at you sad but something fierce was in his eyes. "babe..why didn't you tell me." you walked over to the bed and sat on it as the bandages were still sticking your body but your wound was showing scarlet and damaged skin. He sat on the bed next to you as he put his hand on the side of your head, brought close to him and kissed your temple. He let go of you softly and put his hand in yours. "You can tell me anything." You sighed at his words. "I..I wanted to be like you." you gestured limply. He was surprised by your words. "what.." "I wanted to be like you for a moment. But when i saw it was my friend in danger and not some stranger. It wasn't me wanting to be you anymore. I wanted to protect my friend. My sister almost. And This side of my came out. I just jumped on the man's back and tried to strangle him. But when he was loosing oxygen, his aim wasn't to-to good-and-and" you sobbed as you told this story "Its because of me, She's in the hospital. Because she's in a coma. Its all my fault. And i got this rage..*sobs* th-that took over my body. And i ran after him to told get shot. Twice.." "where else were you hit at hon?" You stood up as you took your pants off to reveal your bandaged wound. He looked at you then your wounds. "I really wish you would've told me sooner." he explained. "i'm sorry. I just..with my having the baby, baby being taken away then me getting shot. I just wanted One thing to not be dramatic..Seems like our lives are just one big story huh?" you asked him as you wiped your eyes. he got up and kneeled down to re-bandage you up. "I love you raphael.." you told him as he was concentrating on wrapping you up. He looked up at you and smiled sweetly :) " I love you too.." you stood up as you put your pants back on. "Did we figure out a name for her yet?" "well I was thinking, Rosemary." "we could nickname her rose." "or rosie." you two smiled as you looked over at your little girl sleeping.

To be continued..

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