Chapter 14

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Aphmau POV

I am woken up to some people whispering to each other, really loudly might I add.

"Should we wake her? She seems really tired." Voice one asks.

"I don't know. I think we should. She must be really hungry." I sit up and rub my eyes but they don't seem to notice me so I decide to pull a prank. I fly up into the air and shove a pillow where I was sleeping before flying to the door. They go over to wake me up but they see the pillow and instantly throw the covers off of the bed.

"Where is she?" Voice one, or Cadenza, asks.

"I'm right here." Cadenza and Barney turn around to see my leaning against the wall next to the door. I turn the lights on.

"Jess don't do that!" Cadenza shouts before grabbing me by the wrist and dragging me down the hall and into the dining room.

"Sorry. It was just too good to miss." I stick my tongue out at her. She sighs before smiling at me.

"You and your pranks." We both laugh. Barney didn't follow us. He went a different direction but i don't know why. Soon we arrive to see everybody at the table. Including Barney.

"When did you get here?" I ask.

"I took a short cut." He laughs.

"And you didn't tell us?" Cadenza says. He nods his head, laughing harder. We just ignore him and sit down.

"Guys I was thinking about enchanting some of your items with the Phoenix enchantment. Just like Barneys earring." I ask the sky army. They all look at each other before turning to me and nodding.

"Can you enchant anything?" Sky asks. I shrug.

"Some items might not let me enchant them. I usually just a stick with jewellery. I can enchant mostly everything though." I explain to them, eating the food that somebody brought to the table. It was steak.

"That's so cool! How do you do it?" Jin asks, really interested.

"Well not anyone can do it. Only those who are worthy of the Phoenix God and has a good heart. Only I have been able to do it so far. You need to go to a spot where a certain star has landed and perform a ritual." I don't give him too much details since he might try to do it and get hurt. He is always curious.

"So when are you going to do this?" Max asks, eating his Mac n cheese. He asked for that instead of steak like the rest of us.

"Probably after we have finished eating. If Castor wants to take me that is." I turn to him.

"Sure. The usual spot?" He asks. I nod.

"Can I come?" Jin asks. I just shake my head.

"Sorry. Only me and Castor can go. Maybe next time when the Phoenix is use to seeing you with me." I reply.

"That's okay. Next time then!" If this was undertale, I would say he was filled with determination. Soon, we have all finished eating and it is night time.

"Are you ready Castor?" I ask him. He nods. Earlier, I went to everybody who wanted the enchantment and I have got what they wanted me to enchant. Barneys eyepatch, Jin's jacket, Sky's amulet, Ross's scarf, Max's Z necklace and Katelyns gloves. I want to upgrade her gloves so that she could also mind link the sky army. I also have Cadenza's batgirl charm and Alex's cape. Castor has his headband in him but he will take it off for the ritual. Jerome and Mitch sadly can't come in our journey since they have to stay and run the hunger games. They will always assist us though with like money and tools since they are rich.

"Sure lets go. See you guys later." He says to the guys before picking me up and running back to my factory. I should have a ton of stuff for the ritual their. We arrive a few minutes later and grab the stuff before reaching the ritual.

"Ok, stand back while I set everything up." He does as I say while I slowly put the blocks down, not wanting my back to hurt anymore. The bruise on my back isn't healing fast like it should. Soon, I am finished and call Castor over. "Give me your headband."

"Here you go." He gives it to me before standing a distance from the ritual. I place his headband with the rest of the stuff and take off my Mjolnir charm before walking backwards and throwing some budder and a nether star into the middle. Suddenly, a light strikes down, blinding me before exploding, pushing me and and Castor backwards. He runs up to me and cushions my fall since he is my best friend and I'm already injured. As soon as the light is gone, I stand up and help Castor up before thanking him and walking over to the items. Everything but one thing is here. Where's mini Mjolnir? I pick up all of the stuff that belongs to the others and give Castor his headband back before staring at the last object. A flower garland with a note. I give Castor a confused look before turning to read it.

Dear Lady Thor

As you are going on a new journey, I decided to give you a new item. It may look like a flower garland right now but it has the same abilities as your other charm but with one extra. This flower garland can turn into anything you think of. Clothes, jewellery, books, weapons. Anything you can think of. I have also re enchanted all of your friends items and given you the ability to teleport every 6 hours.Finally, I have left an egg in your storage that will hatch as soon as you bring it out and it will give you a Phoenix. Please take care of her.

The Phoenix God

I pick up the flower garland before putting it on my head. The flowers are lilac purple.

"Let's go back and give the guys their stuff." I take all of the stuff off of Castor and put it in my storage before he picks me up and he runs us back to the house. I think I fell asleep along the way.

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