Part One.

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There is a part of every morning that I have, where I vow to stay in bed, and do nothing all day. The temperature in my apartment is ideal, my blankets are laid on me just right, and I'm as comfortable as I could get. I like my apartment nice and chilly, and only wear one of my best friend's college swim shirts to bed, and my underwear. Perfecting my sleep keeps me going, especially with how busy I get, especially around this time every year.

Almost as if on cue, I heard the front door to my apartment open. Within a few seconds I heard my fridge door open, and then heavy footsteps pad to my bedroom door. My eyes had not opened yet, and they weren't about to just yet. Maybe I could lure him in for a little bit of extra rest.

"I know you heard me come in." He said, sitting at the edge of my bed, and placing the two bottles of water on my nightstand.

Instead of coming up with an actual response, I grunted instead.

"Laney, don't be like that. We have a big day ahead of us!" Nathan said, and I could already picture the signature grin that graces his features at almost any moment of any day.

"Lay with me?" I mumbled, pulling the blankets back to show him that I had a perfect Nathan size spot on my bed for him. It was a fifty fifty shot, and seeing as though this was my last morning in my bed for awhile, I was counting on his love for me to win him over.

And luckily for me, it did.

He flipped his sandals off, and laid down next to me, pulling me into his chest. The familiarity of his scent only made my morning that much better. He smelled like his body wash and he always had a hint of chlorine on him.

He breathes were deep, like he was always trying to control his breathing to make sure he was ready for a race at any moment. I was absolutely the luckiest girl in the entire world, despite the fact that we were only just friends.

"Sweets, we have to get up." He murmured in my ear.

"What's another hour bear?" I tried to coax him using my nickname for him.

"Come on Pie, we got a plane to catch." He pressed a kiss to my temple, and wiggled out of my arms, causing an instant pout to hit my lips. "Don't be like that."

I felt the bed dip down again, but this time I felt his arms go under me, and he lifted me off the bed and cradled me into his arms.

My eyes finally opened and looked up into his eyes. The crinkles by his eyes, the smile that graced his features, his tan skin, I loved it all. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen.

"You can't call me pie to get out of bed. That's not how that works." I threw my arms around his neck.

"Whatever works right?" He questioned, before setting me down softly, and pulling me into a hug.

"Fine." I sighed, my head against his chest.

He smacked my butt as I walked to the shower.

Nathan and I's relationship was very touchy feely, but there was never anything that said we were anything more than friends.

But I was almost positive that I was in 100% love with him.

I threw off my clothes, and jumped into the shower. I knew I had to make it quick, because our flight was leaving in a few hours, and he was a stickler about being on time. Once I was out of the shower, I fishtailed my hair and changed into my yoga leggings and Nate's swim shirt from middle school. I put on my Ray Bans, grabbed my phone and the water he had grabbed me, and met him in the living room.

The bags that I had put by the front door were all gone, and Nathan had my backpack already strapped to his back.

"Well some one looks beautiful today." Nathan said, opening his arms for another hug.

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